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Monday, October 4, 2010


I think I love my home probably more than anyone should ever love their home. I love the country feel, the dirt roads, and the wide open space all around, only closed in to the north of us by pine trees. Right now, the sky is cloudy and the temperatures cool, but the blue birds are still active and there is a western blue bird sitting on the fence post outside my window where I sit typing my thoughts. I can't believe they haven't left yet. I heard the meadowlarks just a day or two ago as well. It seems they all are late in flying south this year.

Bella, my black lab, is looking at me through the window begging for entrance through the front door...she has already gained entrance to my heart, so I know I will get up in a minute to let her in. I just can't say no to those big brown eyes. Skeeter is grazing contentedly in the pasture and Matt is lying on the floor in front of the fire doing his Math. He just received a phone call from a friend and I love that, too; i.e. that he has lots of good friends that share his interests, and schooling; and that one of them will call most every day.

I always said I would never have my computer in my living room, but when we closed the store and I brought my desk and computer home, there was no other place it would fit. As it turns out, I love it being here, because I can still be a part of the family activity while I work; I can still enjoy the views from our windows; and if I want to, I can even look up once in awhile to see what is on the TV. From where I sit, I can see the flowers on my deck, the chairs, the bar-b-q and the porch swing. It looks so comfortable and inviting. I am thankful for that deck; but I know I didn't get out there nearly enough to sit and relax this summer.

I love my garden; and my yard, both front and back. I love the new little garden of wild flowers that I planted this spring which replaced the strawberry patch that I somehow managed to kill. I love my Mountain Ash which is covered in red right now, and I cherish the little Western Larch that create a border in the front yard. They were given to us by someone we love: my brother and sister-in-law, so that makes them even a bit more special.

I love that I know most of my neighbor’s names, and that most of us share same interests and life styles. There's a sense of community and it feels good. It's great to know if we needed help, we could call on a neighbor and they would come. In fact, just as Matt was talking to his buddy, he got an interrupting call from a neighbor who needs help in lifting something. I love that they would call...I simply love it.
I don't think there is a thing about my home that I don't like. Well, my house could always be bigger and the pasture and yard fences need tightening. I could do without my husband's junk pile along the side of the shop; but then, who needs perfection. It's country living; and I know that for a fact, when I see the farm equipment (most of it old) that lines the pasture.

The sunsets are awesome, and so are the sunrises. The mountains are close and so are the lakes. I love that we have four seasons and I know now, that it is ok that we are settling in to autumn. Things will soon slow down, snow will fall, days will become shorter and nights longer.

I could go on and on about my home, but Matt just got back from helping the neighbors....and how cool is that! They sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers....to brighten up our home....

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