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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inexhaustible Mercy!

In my "in-box" this morning I received a special e-mail from my niece.  It was such a wonderful testimony of encouragement and love that I quickly e-mailed her back to ask if I could post it here. She sent me her approval, so I am very excited to share it with you.


Inexhaustible Mercy!

Truly there is nothing more exhilarating then when Almighty God
brings us in on the movements of His heart toward one that He desires!
My niece

My neighbor, ShuChing Lin, was born in Taiwan and raised in a Buddhist family. At some point in her life she was introduced to Christianity, and even had a brother who became a pastor. ShuChing remained Buddhist to please her mother. She once told me that it would break her mother's heart if she were no longer Buddhist.

Over the last two years ShuChing and I have spent time together walking to the mail box, play dates with her grandsons, and just front porch sitting. Often our conversations would turn toward Jesus. I remember one day in particular looking at her face and feeling the longing of the Father to have the undivided affection of this dear woman. I had already been praying for her salvation; but from that point on, it was much more intense as I felt the desire of my heart join with that of Jesus'.

After a few months back in Taiwan, she returned and told me that her cancer had returned and was eating up her body. It had spread, and was rapidly taking over her major organs. She had refused treatment in Taiwan and was hopeful that through diet, and natural means she would recover. I asked her that day if I could pray for her...in my driveway we prayed, not only for physical healing, but I asked for Jesus to make His nearness known, to draw her, to have her for His own. She gave her amen, thanked me, hugged me, and told me she loved me. From this point on our friendship was ever deepening, but ShuChing's body was failing her. I continued to pray for her healing, and the time we did spend together was sweeter then ever.

One morning I had an early meeting scheduled, when I arrived no one was there, so I turned around and went home. My household was still sleeping when I got back, so I grabbed my guitar and headed for the front porch. I spotted ShuChing headed for the mail box and invited her to come sit. I was seeing her less and less those days as she was spending more time resting. I know that our meeting that morning was a divine appointment~ A little time the Lord had set aside for us to talk about Him ~it was wonderful. As we talked, I noticed the print on her vest was a Bible verse. I asked her if she knew what it said; she did not. She had gotten the vest at a yard sale not knowing what was printed on it (just above her heart:). I asked her if she would like to know what it was... I went inside and grabbed my Bible, the verse was Habakkuk 3:19
"The Lord GOD is my strength,
And He has made my feet like hinds' feet,
And makes me walk on my high places." 
Her eyes were teary as I read the verse to her, and she asked me to read it again. She was clearly moved even though the "hinds' feet" portion had her a bit confused :) I explained it meant sure-footed and steady. She asked that I write it down for her so that she could take it home. I asked her that day to teach me John 3:16 in Chinese...after seeking help from family she came back to teach me...she said she wanted it to be just right because they were such beautiful words.

One evening we laughed together as she was trying to teach me to say it. She warned that I would end up saying something very ridiculous if I didn't get the accents right :) I even recorded her saying it on my phone. The next time I talked to ShuChing, she told me of her plans to go to California for the winter. I hoped to see her again in the spring. Toward the end of October, I received a call from her son, ShuChing died Oct. 23.

As I spoke with him, I recalled that I had recorded his mama's voice. I offered it to him, and he was thrilled. He and wife are Catholic and he thought it fitting to play at ShuChing's funeral...I wondered...

My heart ached with hope that she had indeed believed Jesus. I thought surely our times together weren't for nothing...still my heart was restless and heavy every time I thought of her.

Her son came up from CA to tie up loose ends; and along with his sister, Emy, planned a small memorial for her here.

While at the memorial, Emy pulled me aside and began to tell me how her aunt had come to visit ShuChing ... and as was written before she had lived one day, ShuChing believed Jesus! She died that very day. O the magnificent kindness of God! Not only is she looking into the face of Christ, but He let me know about it. What overwhelming relief and joy to my heart! As far as I know Emy herself is not a believer, yet as she stood and told me this, tears streamed down her face for the first time that evening...the reality of her mama being saved was connecting to her heart... We cried there together.

The big finish was that as I watched the video of her funeral service in CA...I heard her voice ringing over the room declaring in the language of her youth...
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."


To God be the Glory...

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