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Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Ben

Meet Ben. He is an extremely important part of our family. He came to us at Easter one year when Matt was just a toddler. We all love Ben. It seems like we have never been without him. He always brings a smile to my face.

Ben was tucked into bed at the same time Matthew was each evening. Ben was there at the dinner table when we said Grace, and he was there for evening prayers. He came with us on our trips to town, and he came with us on our trips on the truck as Matt’s dad drove 48 states. If we went roller skating, Ben had his own skates. If we went swimming, Ben had his own swimming trunks. Ben also had his own cowboy hat and even his own cowboy boots. Ben was a great friend and rarely was Matt and his side-kick separated.

When Matt got a little older, Ben eventually spent more and more time on Matt’s top bunk. A bit later, a younger friend of Matthew’s asked if Ben could play every time he came for a visit. He, too, loved Ben.

Sometimes some of Matt’s younger cousins’ played with Ben when they came to visit. Everyone had fun making sure Ben was dressed in the appropriate outfit for every occasion. Ben has never been far from our sight, but it was just this year that I designated Ben to a more prominent place in the house. I have been thinking more about him these days, and wanting to spend more time with him. The years between the time he went everywhere with us and the time that I have just recently sought his company again, seem without space or time.

Matt is taking lots of new steps these days. There is much going on in his life during his last year in high school. Tonight, Matt is on his way to a very important occasion; something that he has looked forward to for a long, long time. I am very happy for him.

It is all as it should be. It is all good, I know; but for tonight, I am going to grab Ben and see if he is up for some snuggle time and a story.

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