"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


To Be

I am…gratefully washed in the Blood.
I want…“a little more time, is all.” – Grandpa P.
I have…all that I need.
I wish…on falling stars and birthday candles; otherwise I pray.  ;-)
I hate…injustice, untruths, and a self-righteous attitude…oh, and traffic.  ;-)
I miss… Isaac.
I fear…public speaking.
I feel…at peace.
I hear… the TV, but I’m going to shut it off, because I keep thinking I hear Matt’s pager.
I smell…brewed, vanilla nut coffee.
I crave…a morning, cinnamon roll.
I search…Scripture.
I wonder…at the hour.
I regret…time I gave up that belonged to my son.
I love…Jesus; my family and my home; my animals and my friends; my church and my country…sunsets, sunrises; lily of the valley; summer sunshine; softly falling snow; mama’s example; daddy’s wisdom and counsel; Grandpa’s sermons and sense of humor and Grandma’s prayers; Grandma’s laugh and love, Grandpa’s work ethic and humility; lakes and mountains; meadows and hay fields…country songs that touch the heart; striving for that which is right; my son’s efforts; strong foundations; and laughing with someone close that understands what’s funny; and spaghetti...ok, food in general.  ;-)
I ache…more than I should.
I care…for the lost and those that are hurting.
I always…know two words to avoid: always and never.
I am not…easily convinced, nor dissuaded when I believe something is right.
I believe…in life everlasting.
I dance…only in traffic. ;-)
I sing…in church where I can’t be heard and when no one else is around. Oh, and sometimes at work, when it’s only W. and me. 
I cry…because God gave us tears.
I don’t always…stay on my diet. ;-(
I fight…to protect truth, the underdog, injustice and to preserve freedom.
I write…because it is a way to relax, as well as a way to exercise ones brain and express ones thoughts. It is a way to share, to stay in touch, to instruct, and a way to preserve what some are determined to ensure we lose.
I never…say never. ;-)
I listen…to country.
I need…more patience.
I am happy…when I can stay home.

“This challenging writing prompt was provided by” Karla at Roads to Everywhere She states on her blog that it is part of the Marriage Monday series, with which I am not familiar. But as she said: “I enjoyed thinking about the sentence starters on this list...” so though I have never done a tag before, I decided I would give this one a whirl. Actually, I'm not sure if this is a "tag". I'm still learning some of this stuff. I guess it would be ok to do it, anyway. Let me know if I did this wrong, Karla!

 “I'd love to read your list, so if you decide to participate please let me know!” Karla is right! It is harder than one would think.

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  1. Oh, I'm glad you did it! I haven't made the rounds of others who are participating yet, but it's been surprising at what insights just these little sentence starters provide. Hope you're having a great day!