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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pulling Curtains - Spending Treasure XV

“Jannie, What ARE you doing?” my aunt asked as I came in from outside on a hot, summer day.

“Playing…” my nine-year-old self responded, though a bit confused by the question.  “I just came in for a drink of water.”

“Well, yeah, I know,” she replied, “but what are you playing?

“I’m playing house.”  I answered in embarrassment.  I thought I was probably a bit old to be playing house. 

“House??” she questioned. “But you are walking up and down the yard with just one hand in the air, like you’re marching with a flag or something,” she continued with curiosity. My aunt was over having a cup of coffee with my mom and they must have been watching me from the living room window. I saw a curious smile on my mom’s face, as well.

“Oh, that! I laughed. “I’m opening the drapes to the windows in my living room in the morning and then shutting them at night.”  I was walking the full length of the front yard, imagining in my mind that one whole side of my two story dream home was windows. I actually played this silly game a number of times when I was little.  The front porch would be my bedroom that was up one level from the rest of my dream house, and the big old maple tree at the edge of the lawn, was my get away retreat.  I pretended it was a room high above the rest of the house, where I could read, or write, and store old dresses, and lots of pretend stuff.  I would grab on to the lowest branch of that tree with both hands; then I would push my legs up the base of the tree until I could grab that same branch with both legs crossed across each other holding myself parallel to the branch. I would then swing my body, up and over so that I was on top of the branch. From that point, I would be able to climb the rest of the study branches to the top of that tree. There was my pretend haven in my pretend dream house.

That tree, by the way, was a favorite climbing tree for all my siblings, I believe.  We spent a lot of time up there, and someone - probably my brother - trained our Springer Spaniel to climb up the trunk of that tree as well.  :-)

Anyway, I had designed the whole front yard in my imagination with pretend rooms and lots of windows letting in wonderful rays of sunshine.   Spending a few days with my folks in the last month has brought my pretend home to the forefront of my mind once again.  The old maple tree is gone, and the front porch, has been rebuilt, and is not quite as large.  But my parents’ home is still the home of my youth and I treasure the memories it holds. 

When my own family first moved into the home where we live now, the pretend home of my youth was once again brought to my memory.  I finally had windows!  I mean lots of windows, and every morning and every night I walk across the living room opening or closing blinds to the windows that I absolutely love and have always loved ever since I was a child! I will never forget the first few times I opened the blinds in our new home.  I always thought of the little girl pulling the pretend curtains open as she walked across the lawn. In acquiring our new home, I felt like the Lord had given me a desire of my youth. And He did!  Ha!! I’m still dreaming of those extra levels in my pretend two story house, though. It's ok; I'm pretty well-pleased.

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  1. What a fun story! R still plays like that sometimes. I saw her out with a shovel and rake just this past Saturday, scooping up dog poop, and carrying on a conversation with the air. I asked her what that was about... turns out, in her mind she was mucking out stables and talking to the horses. LOL!

    I love lots of windows, too. That was the number one thing I liked about this house when we were looking. It doesn't have as many windows as your house, but it still has lots of light... and a wonderful view of the sunset from my kitchen window.