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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Such Thing!

It’s haying time, again!  We are tackling the project a little later than usual this year, but that’s ok. It is as it should be with all the rain we have had this summer. Had we hayed any earlier, we would have had rain on our crop.  As it is, I believe everything will work out just perfectly; with the hay being cut today, it will be able to sit for the rest of the week so that we can bale this weekend.

It is such a relief!  I am always so thankful when the hay is done and in the barn.  I absolutely love the whole experience, but I can’t help but worry until it is all safely stored away for the winter.  I always thought I may be over the top with the way I worry about hay season. After all, farmers have been haying for generations and they always live through it. I was convinced I was a bit obsessive.  I worry about the weeds and whether we will get the fields sprayed on time to keep them contained.  I worry about the fertilizer, and how much rain we will have; and I wonder, are we getting too much sun? Will the wind come after the hay is cut and blow it all away before it is baled?  But most of all, when cutting time is here my biggest worry is whether or not we will choose the wrong week to cut, allowing the hay to get rained on as it sits drying in the field. 

This year, I got a good laugh at myself!  While at work, I heard a couple farmers express their worries and frustration over haying season. Their concerns were the same as mine and they were every bit as worried about battling the elements as I am. I heard it more than once by my customers and I realized I was not at all alone.  It was refreshing - if I may be allowed to call it that - to hear the lament of others.  ;-)

We did have our trials this year, that’s for sure.  As I said, the rainfall was higher than average. And our equipment is another year older.  Old Father Time seemed to be less available and less willing to provide us with our needs.  We finally had to give in and once again hire the cutting; we will do the baling.

I have to say, I don’t mind that at all.  It is much nicer having it done with a swather, (which we don’t have) so that the raking is all done at the same time.  It saves my husband hours and hours of time and work. It is well worth the additional expense.

Additionally, The Lord has blessed us with sunshine for the week that we need to have the job done.

While our hay was being cut in the field, I contemplated the trials and tribulations of the haying season this year. I can’t help but think about the words of those I talked to in order to hire the work done; the comments of my customers at work; and my own “worry” over this time of the year; a small thought understandably occurred to me:  Farmers surely pray - I am quite certain there is no such thing as a farmer who doesn’t pray. How else can they possibly get through this time of year? God bless ‘em!

But is it any wonder?  Why shouldn’t we want it done with the absolute best effort possible! After all, this is what it’s all about!----------->


  1. To add to your 'refreshment'.... ;P
    I know a lady who is worried about getting their hay done in time too. And two weeks ago with the rain. And in fact, was just talking about it today :)

  2. ha ha...Refreshing!!!! lol
    Thanks, Rachel!!