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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Young at Heart

I stopped to read a blog this morning before church, and I got quite a kick out of it. Tasha at Day by Day had been tagged with 50 Questions. I know from reading her blog she enjoys these tags.  I don’t usually do them, but I have been verrrrry burdened with politics of late, and decided I could use the diversion.

There have been so many things going on in this world, I have had a hard time even thinking about anything else to write about on my blog. I know writing about all that negativity is a no-no in the blogging world. But sometimes I do it anyway; simply because the affairs of this world, is something that is extremely important to me.  I figure if one doesn’t like it, one doesn’t have to read it. And one never knows, some may be like me and find various opinions interesting. Quite honestly, I believe some of it needs to be said.  I am a firm believer in dialogue on the issues of today. No one has to agree, but we all are required to think. And I believe we all should form an opinion one way or another.

Regardless, I decided it was time to lighten up for a bit…so, I decided, though this tag is obviously geared toward the younger generation, I would tackle these 50 Questions along with my friend, Tasha.

1. Are you young at heart, or an old soul?
I am an old soul who is young at heart.

2. What Christmas present do you remember the most?
Don’t remember… I am an old soul…

3. Name one physical feature that you like about yourself, and one you don't like.
My gray hair – like; my aged body – dislike….go figure.

4. What holiday do you most look forward to?
This year: voting day…  Oh, that’s not a holiday?  Well then, hopefully Inauguration Day! Otherwise, Christmas, Resurrection Day, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day…I love holidays!

5. How is the relationship between you and your parents?
It’s great, now that we are all the same age….actually it was good when I was a kid, too.

6. You've got the TV on, but you're not really watching. What channel is the TV on?
I don’t have it on, but it is almost always on 205 – FOX.

7. If you could pick anywhere to live the rest of your life, where would it be?
Probably right here. I will never leave Idaho; but someday I may become a “snow-bird”.

8. Have you ever spent a night in the hospital?
Birth and giving birth

9. Do you enjoy being with only one or two friends, or with a large group of people?
I usually prefer one-on-one conversation…but I do enjoy it when a couple of my friends and I get together, and I love my large family gatherings.

10. Do you like the type of music your parents listen to? Do your parents like the type of music you listen to?
Pretty much…I love the old country they listen too as well as Gospel…but they probably are not too crazy about the new country that I also listen to.

11. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Believe it or not, I think about this question all the time…probably Special K Cereal with Strawberries…but most likely, I would find a way to cheat…

12. Do you believe in a god?
No, I do not believe in “a god”. I believe only in the One, True Living God who loved the world so much He sent His Son to die a painful death that He didn’t deserve, but rather, that I deserved.

13. What's you're favorite hash-tag to track?
No clue about this, but I guess it has to do with Twitter which I don’t do, and I have no brain cells (or desire) left, to learn anything about it.

14. When you were young, what would you dream you would be when you grew up?

I was going to be a vet, a detective, a counselor, and a mom… two out of four ain’t bad!  ;-)

15. Do you want to have more friends than you have right now?
I wish I had time…but even if I did, I would rather use the time to connect with old ones.

16. Have you ever met someone through the Internet, then met them in real life?

17. Tell me about the last book you read.
The last book I read was Obama’s America by Dinesh D’Souza; and now I am reading the Roots of Obama’s Rage, by the same author….both extremely interesting, but I am ready to lighten it up on my next read…However, most likely I will finish up Jefferson Lies by David Barton which I stopped reading to begin Obama’s America. (And of course I am assuming we aren’t speaking about the Bible here, which would be daily.)

18. Predict what your life will look like a year from now.
No predictions…

19. Early bird or night owl?
I am an early bird; to bed early and up early…HOWEVER, I absolutely hate having to rush out of the house after rising…I like to make coffee, read my Bible, catch up on the news on TV and/or internet…and lounge around for awhile before having to do anything and before anyone else wakes up…makes for a much better day.

20. Where do you live? Be as general or specific as you want.
The beautiful state of my birth and of my youth…

21. What was the longest car ride you've ever taken?
Well, that’s an easy one…I long-hauled with my husband from Washington State to North Carolina, and then we had a day or two lay-over in North Carolina.  In our down time, we bought a car because of a killer deal, and I drove it from North Carolina, to California…LA area…then, back up to Idaho.

22. What is your ethnic heritage?
Mostly Norwegian, as my Grandpa was full blooded Norwegian…but I also have Danish, Irish, German, I think…and my dad (and my son) proudly claim our Cherokee… That all makes me a very proud American.

23. Do you want to live until you're 100?
Not the way I feel now…

24. Do you practice what you preach?
Pretty much, I think…I hope so. My family might say I preach more.

25. Have you ever laughed uncontrollably when it was socially inappropriate?
Yes, probably more than I remember; but one time I remember for sure was HORRIBLE.  It was in 8th grade and I was supposed to be giving a speech, but I couldn’t stop laughing…I will never forget the look of disgust and embarrassment on the face of the boy I had a crush…finally the teacher just told me to sit down…. Yikes….One of those things you can laugh at now, ONLY if you are in a group telling the story to try to make OTHERS laugh!  ;-)

26. Do you often skip breakfast?
No, I always eat breakfast, believing it to be the most important meal of the day…Because to me it is…I get sick if I don’t.

27. Would you want to know the exact date and time you were going to die?
I’m planning on being raptured!  ;-)

28. Describe your neighborhood.
God’s gift to me…

29. Name a TV series you didn't enjoy until after it ended.
There are none…the ones I watch, I have already enjoyed the first time around.

30. Have you ever bought a product from an infomercial?
No, not that I remember…though, sometimes I think about it.

31. What is one thing you could never forgive?
I don’t think there is much of anything I haven’t already had to forgive…and sometimes more than once. It feels like I have already forgiven it all…including manslaughter…that’s what happens when you live long enough. I have also lived long enough to understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to keep hanging with those you have had to forgive….sometimes I still do spend time with people that have offended me, but I have also learned sometimes it is better if one doesn’t. Love them from a distance and move on.

32. What part of the past year sticks out in your mind?
Oh my…mow, mow, mow, mow, mow!

33. What is your favorite sport?
As spectator – rodeo, ice skating, and football. As participant, I have none that I do; nor any that I would like to do…especially rodeo, ice skating or football!

34. What has been troubling you lately?
I have to admit there are some things…one thing would be our current administration…but I tend to go on enough about that already.  The other would be the disunity in “the church” and the fact that many don’t seem to know what they believe any more. There seems to be a sort disconnect among believers and a lack of understanding about key tenants of Christianity.  I am also troubled about the pride we see in some Christians. The “one upping” we often see taking place and the pride in “what we know” or “what we do”. As my pastor said today…”What do we have to be proud of?”  Except a Savior that saved us from the pit of hell.

35. Who was your first crush?
My first crush is an easy one…it was Clint Eastwood, as Rowdy Yates on Rawhide. I will never forget when I was 5 years old, waiting for him to show up on the intro to that show so I could give that black and white screen a big ole kiss.  I did, too!

36. Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?
Oh man, there are many…In Spokane, it is definitely Frank’s Diner; Skyway CafĂ©; and Anthony’s…In CDA we like Mackenzie River Pizza and Cedar’s…sometimes Dockside. In Sandpoint, we love Ivanho’s; and the Best Western on the water, whose name now escapes me… Oh! And of course I love Hudson’s in CDA and Rob’s Fish in Post Falls…but only as grab and go.

37. Give me an unpopular opinion you have.
Almost every opinion I have is unpopular…

38. Describe a person that inspires you.
I am inspired by President George W. Bush for the respect he showed the office of the Presidency, for his sense of humor amidst attacks from his political enemies, for his loyalty and dedication to the troops; and for his ability to not say a word after being constantly attacked by this current administration; I am inspired by his ability to understand that history will one day be fair to him…I believe we are already seeing it.

I am also inspired by the Reverend Billy Graham for his unwavering faithfulness to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for his dedication to fulfill what the Lord has called him to do, and for understanding and not messing up when there have been so many lives that have been watching his life…his holy example is rare…and no, I’m not saying he’s perfect. But he is a wonderful example of Christian obedience.

39. If you could earn minimum wage doing what you love, would you?
Absolutely! I would probably do it for free!

40. Describe the last time you were very angry at someone.
I get angry at pride and manipulation. I also get angry in traffic…almost daily.

41. Where would you prefer to live? A city? The suburbs? The countryside? The mountains?

The country with the woods or mountains behind me, and a vast prairie in front of me; so I can watch the sunsets, and sunrises, the star filled night sky, see the grass blowing softly in the wind and hear the meadowlarks sing.

42. Where is "home" for you?
See above…and a little town north.

43. Where do you and your friends go to hang out?
I don’t hang out.

44. Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied anyone else?
No…and no.

45. Is it possible for guys and girls to be just friends?

46. What are the 6 songs you listen to the most?
Since I work somewhere where country music is always on, the list is endless….usually playing the top singles that are popular at the time…but it would be easier for me to list my top favorite artists which would be: Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw and Toby Keith…yeah, yeah, yeah…I know, sometimes they can be a little more “off color” than I would like them to be, but when they nail it, they really nail it…and many of their lyrics are very moving and as American as apple pie. Each of them has moved me to tears with their talent in one way or another.

47. If you could meet anyone on earth, who would it be?

Probably President G. W. Bush and Billy Graham. I don’t think I would be nervous around either of these two gentlemen. I would have also liked to meet Andrew Breitbart …just to tell him thank you for the fire…we really need more of it. I cried when he died...and no, I didn't agree with everything he said or did. But he was not a coward, and had my utmost respect in that regard.

48. What is your favorite blog currently?
No favorites.

49. What's the farthest you've ever been from home?
Quebec City and Montreal, Quebec or would it be Hawaii? I have no desire to check statistics on that right now.

50. What's the one thing you're afraid of?
Spiders – BIG TIME! And in my old age, we can add heights to that list.


So there you go…I don’t know if I did this correctly. I don’t ever do tags…they are as unfamiliar as tweets and hash/tags.  So forgive me if I did it incorrectly.  Karla! You’re IT…now, don’t disappoint me! And anyone else who is feeling young at heart, today...Have fun!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers and I'm glad you decided to do this tag! I'm also glad you enjoyed reading my answers:)

  2. And so... I did it! Just because you "dared" me!

  3. haha...I'm sorry, Karla! I knew I didn't know what I was doing...lol....I enjoyed your answers, though! :-) Let's do coffee soon!