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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Worse Than The Flu!

"Oh man! Of all days to come down with the flu!" I said to myself as I lay on the couch scanning channels.  I didn't feel like reading. I really only felt well enough to get lost in something simple, like The Andy Griffith Show...or maybe I Love Lucy. But instead, all the hoopla of Inauguration Day was airing on several channels! There really wasn't much else on worth viewing! But watching the hypocrisy of a man that tells our nation that we are going to have to give more of our money, while he flaunts his like a king, is just down-right nauseating - even more so than any flu bug could ever be.

So my week of flu continued...Oh yeah, my computer came down with a virus this week, too!                            

Enter Benghazi Hearings!  "Oh man! I'm really glad I'm laid up so I can watch these hearings pretty much in their entirety." A bit of a morbid thought, I guess. But so it was. And in reality, watching some parts of those hearings was also worse than the flu!

There were some highlights, however! And if one were to filter through the spin of the liberal media; if one were to thoughtfully pay attention to all that was said and exposed during those hearings; indeed, it was revealed someone should have been relieved of her post as Senator Rand Paul stated when it was his turn to speak.

The link below offers some of the other highlights of the hearings and reveals some of the other politicians that are to be commended. We really do need to encourage those that strive to do that which is right.

More on the hearings.    Video included.

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