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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Splash of Yellow

Earlier this spring, my son came home with flowers. Actually, they weren't just flowers, they were rose bushes. But they weren't intended for me, or anyone else. They were simply intended for our home.

When I asked him how he happened to think about buying rose bushes, he told me, "I don't know, I just wanted some yellow roses."

Needless to say that warmed my heart. Especially in light of the fact, that when he was little and as much as possible ever since, it has been our tradition every spring to buy flowers together for our home that would bloom throughout the summer.

Whether it was in our previous home or this one, we would take time to pick out just the right plants for pots and garden spots. We probably haven't done that together the last couple years, due to life changes and busy schedules. I've missed that little traditon, but when he came home with these two rose bushes, it was every bit as nice as it has been in the past.

Together we picked out the perfect spot for each of the bushes.  He wanted them in a spot outside the fenced yard, because our beautiful, loving, but sometimes destructive lab has eaten and destroyed any other rose bushes that we have had. Not sure why she picks on roses, but that is surely the case.

But anyway, we have sort of a farm theme going on around our house, so we decided we would strategically place the bushes somewhere that they would accent that. We placed our favorite one - the yellow bush - in front of the wagon wheel along the fence line of our front yard. The red/white mix bush we placed in front of the old dump rake that we have retired and now use only as decor.          

We have been babying the bushes this spring. He has taken care to make sure they have received enough water, and we have enjoyed watching them grow. They didn't even have many leaves on them when he bought them; but it didn't take long before soon they had little buds.

This morning when I walked out to get the paper, a splash of yellow caught my eye. The yellow rose bush had bloomed; it actually seemed it had bloomed overnight. And it is every bit as beautiful as we anticipated, although these photos don't do it justice.

I checked the other bush, too. It won't be long before we will be able to see how a red/white mix rose adds a splash of color to an old dump rake.

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