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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Point in Time

I thought I would recognize him.  I mean the memory is engrained in my mind like it was just yesterday. I loved him so very much!  And he was extremely important to me. It has probably been 55 years since I have seen him; but I was so sure I would know him, again, the minute I saw him.

I had the idea to “Google” him to see what photos I could find after his name came up in conversation the other day with my mom and my oldest sis.

“It was Tenny,” I told them, “Because, I couldn’t say Teddy.”  I was probably 2 – 5 years old when Tenny was a big part of my life.

Odd, you say, to remember something like that? Maybe, but I remember it more clearly than what I had for dinner, oh let’s say, 5 nights ago.

Tenny was my stuffed teddy bear and I probably named him when I was 2 years old..which is why it became Tenny instead of Teddy.

“When he came up missing, Mom, I always thought you had taken him away from me because I was so attached to him.”  I reflected as we visited.

You know; kind of how a parent will take away a toddler's baby blanket, when they got too old to be seen always having it in tow. Yeah, like that.  Well, I always wondered.

“You actually reasoned that out at 5 years old?!” my sister exclaimed.

“Yep,” I responded laughing, “I was always a very deep, very thoughtful child."

“Yes you were," she agreed.
"I know I was 5 when I lost him, because of where we were living at the time.  I always believed it was either Mom that took him, or that the neighbor girl stole him.” 

After he came up missing I had seen a bear just like him at the neighbor’s house one day. I told her that he was my bear; but she argued that no, he was hers. I stole him back, and then she stole him back from me, one more time. That was the end of Tenny - or his identical twin, if indeed the little neighbor girl was telling the truth.

I never saw him again. But I always wondered about his demise.

After doing some reminiscing a bit the other day, as I mentioned, I decided to “Google” “photos of teddy bears from the 1950’s”.  Holy Cow!  I didn’t expect to see so many photos…I thought he would be easy to find.  He wasn’t!

Ha!  That’s a whole lot of photos.  I’m having a hard time identifying him.  This is exactly what his nose looked like; I always remembered it was plastic or rubber.

This is so close, wrong color, though, his nose doesn't appear to be plastic, and something else isn't quite right.

In this photo, I can clearly see his disposition….I mean if a stuffed bear could have a disposition, this is clearly it.
<------Now this photo totally sparked a memory.  I think this might have been the type of two-tone body that he had…could have sworn he was all one color though…the more I look, the more confused I get. Definitely, isn’t him, though; Tenny was always smiling…always.

I totally remember this little guy.  I think my sister had him…Anyone, remember this one??------>

Now see this little guy, below; right next to the two-tone guy….That, I believe, is the color he was...with the darker body and lighter hands and feet. We are definitely getting close here…if only his nose was rubber! But no, I'm sure this bear is too small.

I don’t know, I thought I would recognize his mouth anywhere! Maybe this is what his nose and mouth looked like instead....No, definately not him. 

Oh well!  I will keep looking… I want my Tenny!

Ha!  Pretty sure I remember saying those same words at another point in time!
Ok, I am having waayyyyyy toooo much fun, since I lost my job, autumn has arrived and my work load has diminished.  But no worries, it’s only for this point in time.





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  1. I still have my "Pink Bear". A little white bear in a pink ballerina outfit. She went everywhere with me, and is quite worn as a result. And she still has a place of honor among the pillows on my bed. I don't need her like I did before, but some habits are hard to break. ;)
    I hope you find your Tenny someday:)