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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Month In

Warming up!!
Here we are one month (and 5 days) into 2014. I have to say, there has sure been a whole lot of action already! And it has mostly all been good news.

Let’s see; the Seahawks finally won a Super Bowl and win it they did!! A clear example of something my grandpa used to say: “A job worth doing is worth doing right!” I can’t think of a thing that team did wrong!

In the way of family news – one family will be gaining a new baby girl and one family will be gaining a new daughter-in-law. I like that kind of news. Oh and there will be a family reunion this summer…maybe even two.

My neighbors will be gaining a son. I already know his name and I like it.
There have been new connections from the past; family and friends. All of them cherished. They are amazing examples of the path coming full circle allowing me to see the end. I guess this is the part of getting old, I like…and the only part.

And February finally brought us snow! But what is better than that???  It’s February and that means March isn’t far away!!

Neighborly kindness, good reports, successful endeavors, new rig – home days!!
Snow dog!

As the year continues, I know there will be ups and down; heartaches and laughter. It is life, after all.  And we do have temperatures dipping into the negatives to remind me…

But the Sonshine is nice when the temperatures get cold.


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