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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kissing Summer Good-bye

I've been neglectful of my blog lately. I see I am not alone; all my friends' blogs are not very active either. It's summer time and that is to be expected.

But in looking over my posts today, I found that many of the previous posts that I had written during past autumns are being viewed again. I guess that is to be expected, as well. Posts about fall and end of summer have certainly been noticed and read, or re-read. As 9/11 approaches, certainly Alan Jackson's song Where Were You will be googled time and time again. I'm glad my post shows up under that search. I like that post being brought around again as that anniversary approaches. Likewise, the new views at my old posts serve as a reminder that summer is at the end of her days, and fall and winter will soon be upon us.

I usually do an accounting of all that I did in the summer months...I don't feel like doing that this year, but I will do a rough run-down - more for myself than anyone else, I guess. ;-) Suffice it to say, that once again there has been no camping, no fishing, no swimming, no vacation.  That's ok. Those activities haven't been on my list for some time. Where as those things used to be very important to me, and actually marked my days of summer, I find that I haven't done any of them in recent years simply because they are no longer a priority for me the older I get.  And I guess the lack of concern for them means I am really getting old. If not old, at least out of energy. There are not many "typical" summer activities on my list at all.

To remind myself of what I have been doing all summer long, I ususally view my photo albums. That wasn't much help, this year. The albums being somewhat bare, simply confirmed I haven't done much of anything in the way of traditional summer activites.

But on a better note, I saw Tim McGraw in concert; I went to a beautiful wedding; and I attended two family reunions. I spent time with my ponies, and took one road trip, early on, to Montana. Though entirely too brief, I had a fantastic visit with someone I hadn't seen in 30 years. That visit will be a highlight that I cherish as top of my list.

I don't think I attended any parades this year, which is something that is very unusual for me. And we only watched the Independence Day fireworks from the comfort of our own backyard. That was nice, but there was one of us missing.

I had an annual lunch with a couple girlfriends from my youth. I attended two funerals and allowed myself tears for both - more than once.  Yes, tears belong in the "better note" list - relieving, comforting, uniting tears.

I helped in picking out a new rig or two, as well as someone's living quarters. I always enjoy shopping for things like that. I mean it doesn't get much better than spending someone else's money, does it?

There were two or three rodeos, and two or three days at the fair. But somehow, the fair just wasn't the same. Am I getting old? Nah, not that old! The rodeos however, were top notch, as always.

The garden suffered for lack of care, the yard suffered as well, though I feel I did my best for the time allotted me, as well as sustaining energy of which there seemed to be very little. The fields suffered...the house needs staining...the barn didn't get built. It's all ok...It simply makes it reallllllly easy to kiss summer 2014 good-bye. 


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