"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Out In It

We got our first snow, last night. Well not the very first, but the first that had any substance. I woke about 2:30 am or so, and it was coming down nicely. I knew we would have at least a couple inches by morning. There is something so calming about the first snow. It is so peaceful and so beautiful. I prayed for my son, knowing it would make his job more difficult. I asked that I might be able to just tuck in and stay home for the day. I never like to go anywhere the first snow. People need time to get their "sea legs"; to find out just how their cars are going to react. It is never a pretty sight. I just try to stay home.

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." William Shakespeare. I love that quote. I absolutely love it. I haven't been able to write lately. I'm sure no one wants to read the breathings of my heart, with the way I have been feeling. Ha! Or maybe they would and then use it against me. That's what it seems some people do, you know.

Everything is all covered in white. It is clean and pure and soft. Just like we are when Jesus changes us. So very beautiful, so very clean.

But today, the snow won't last for long. The rains are sure to come when the temperatures rise, as predicted. We are even supposed to have 60 to 70 mile per hour winds this afternoon. A sure force that will take away all the pretty white.

Winds strong and ferocious much like the gossip and tongue of those who think they know it all. Like those who preach forgiveness, but have none. That cast blame but with a log in their own eye. They huff and they puff and they try to blow the Christian away.

But the pureness and softness that Jesus brings cannot be blown away by the heartlessness of others; like the winds that can blow away a gentle snow.

Well there, now. There are the breathings of my heart - for this moment, anyway. Staying home and out of the way, until others find their sea legs and I get my bearings.

Continuing to pray for my son, as he is one that is out in it.

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