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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beagle - Bullet Bad Boy ummm - Bullet Bull's Eye

Meet our Beagle. This is Bullet Bull's-Eye ~ aka "Bubby", or when he is in trouble, otherwise known as "Beagle Bad Boy"! He is an AKC registered, tri-colored Beagle with ancestors consisting of names like: "Wilson's Rabbit Tracker" and "Roscoes Red Sawdof Browning Shotgun". Yep, you guessed it! He comes from prime hunting stock. And yes! It rubbed off on him. This "bad boy" loves nothing better than to put his nose to the ground and take off running, baying all the way once he has picked up a scent! He has left me in the dust on more than one occasion. And yes, one does learn to recognize the difference in the howl of when these hounds are on hunt, and when they have found their prey and it has been "treed".

Beagles are a great breed. They have short, soft hair which allows them to stay clean with little shedding. They are a very social breed and love to be cuddled. It just has to be their idea. It is recommended if you have one beagle, you should have two; or at least another playmate for your beagle, as they do not like to be alone. They have a nose that I'm sure beats out any other nose for picking up scents no other beast could. This is also why they tend to gain weight. Our beagle has a way of sniffing out, finding food, and eating it before we even know he has left the couch!

They will love you to death, but they also have a very selfish streak that I have noticed is not common in my Labrador or other breeds. Beagles do indeed sleep on their backs and as Charles M. Schulz has portrayed in his cartoons of Snoopy, I'm sure they would sleep on top of their dog houses should they have a master that would be so cruel (in their eyes) to keep them outside. Our beagle is a southern boy, hailing from Amarillo, Texas and therefore, does not like the cold! ....Soooo, he sleeps indoors...with a blanket...and his head covered.

Before you get a beagle, watch Snoopy for a bit; because that is exactly what you will be getting. Once you have had a beagle, you will know that Mr. Schulz, creator of Snoopy, had beagles, too!

"Puppies seem to know that one of their functions is to make time stand still--they are not only another beginning themselves, but they have a way of spreading it around making everybody feel a little younger." ~ Gene Hill

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