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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Blue and Killdeer, too!

A week or so ago, as I went to let Skeeter out to pasture, I heard a bird start loudly chirping.  I knew the bird was close, but I couldn't see her.  As I let Skeeter out, and started to walk back to the other gate, the call started sounding again; this time a bit more aggressively.  I realized this was a warning call, so I stopped to look to see what it was.  The chirping stopped.  I paused for a moment but I didn't see anything, so I started walking again.  As soon as I did, the chirping resumed. This time I kept walking; but as I did, I turned my head over my shoulder to see a mama killdeer calling to her babies while they ran obediently to her.

So sweet.  My folks were visiting, so I went into the house to tell them about it.  My mom told me, that sometimes the killdeer will feign a broken wing, to lead a human (or any type of threat) away from her babies. I only saw two babies that time, but my dad later went out to take a peak and reported that there were four.  My dad loves wildlife and asked me if he could take one of the babies home.  I am only guessing that he was joking.

I watched the killdeers for the rest of the week, but continued to see only two babies.  Last night, however, when I went out to bring Skeeter back in from pasture, I saw the mama; she stood up as she saw me coming, and when she did, from under her wings ran four little baby killdeer. I couldn't believe they all fit under there!  Of course, I didn't have my camera, but I sure wish I had.  This morning, mama and her four little ones have moved to the larger pasture.  I wanted to go shoe them back into the pasture in which they were originally, as I worry about their safety.  But I realized it was best if I don't mess with mama's plans, even if I thought it would help.

I have been keeping an eye on the bluebirds as well. They will always be my favorite to watch. Yesterday, the mama bluebird also decided to let her babies fly for what I believe was their first time. It was the first sunny day we have had for sometime, and I had been thinking the babies might be almost ready to try their wings. I was glad that I had decided to keep our cat, Tiger, in the shop for the day, since what I suspected had really come to fruition. Tiger will have to stay in there a bit longer now, as all these fledglings are learning to adjust to their new world and surroundings. 

The bluebirds bumble around a bit as they fly the first time, and they don't want to get too far from mom.  They have one single chirp that they use as they call for their mama when they get too far from her. For the most part however, they all stay close.

I watch all these little creatures, and I somehow start to believe that they belong to me - that it's up to me to ensure their safety and take care of them.  I guess that is partially true, in-so-much as I believe God gave them to us for our enjoyment, and expects us to be good stewards of all He has given us. So I will try to do my part without getting in the way. One thing is for sure; Tiger will remain in the shop a bit longer, and no, Daddy; you can't take one of the baby killdeer home.

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