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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etiquette - After the Fact

What in the heck is a blog?! I had no clue a few years ago when I first heard the term.

But as time passed, I had a few friends send me links to their blogs, so I began to learn more about what they were. Only half-heartedly though. I really did not have that kind of time to spend on the computer.

As time passed, I began to have more friends pick up the hobby and I could see why it was becoming popular. Then a while back, I came upon a site that listed all the reasons why he liked to blog. He had such good reasons and I could totally relate. So what did I do? I decided to blog. I have always been a little protective when it came to revealing things on the internet, but I decided I could keep things superficial. I just jumped in; not really knowing too much about it.

It occurred to me later, that maybe there was some kind of protocol or etiquette that goes along with blogging. Maybe one is supposed to keep their blogs shorter in length so as not to bore the reader. Maybe one isn’t supposed to comment on a blog, unless one knows the blogger. I don’t know! If that’s the case I broke that rule right away. I got really excited when I found there was a place to connect people with others that had the same likes - for example movies. I had listed Sgt. York as my favorite movie. When I saw there was a link on my profile page, and I clicked on it, there was only one other person in the whole world wide web that had listed Sgt York as his favorite movie. So I went to his blog and told him that amazing little fact. I don’t know if that was proper; I just did it because I was excited.

Another time, I came across a blog that was very professionally done. It looked so official that I thought it was an opinion page for a newspaper or magazine. You know how the newspapers give people a chance to post their comments on their website. I thought that was what this was. A political issue or something was being discussed and I had a definite opinion about the topic so I posted my thoughts thinking that I was in a forum intended for that. I had no clue I was on someone’s blog. Woops! I figured it out later. I sure hope I didn’t offend anyone; I just didn’t know where I was.

I knew little about blogging and I still don’t. I just blog! I like it though when someone comments on my blog. I would like it whether I knew the person or not. I just think the discussion is interesting and fun. You know, there is golf etiquette, as well as speed skating etiquette and most sports and pastimes do have a dos and don’ts list. So since the thought occurred to be about Blogging Etiquette, I decided to Google it to see if I came up with anything. I probably should have done that BEFORE I decided to blog. Guess what? Of course there is such a thing! Below are the links and some highlights of what I found:

http://blogs.suite101.com/article.cfm/blogging_etiquette - “General Do’s and Don’ts…” Contains some, good advice and thoughts for ones future due to blogging.

http://www.5minutesformom.com/3162/ab-etiquette/ - Contains simple advice for beginners; geared toward moms.

http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/2009/08/1639/ - I like this site best. I learned all kinds of things on here, like what is a “permalink” and a “meme” and a “tag” and a “carnival”! Who knew?!!

While all the sites I checked mostly share the same information, it made me realize there actually is blogging etiquette and rules to follow. I won’t panic though; it’s mostly common sense and just good old fashioned, polite consideration. I should have known, though! I’m glad there is etiquette and some rules to follow. Rules always make everything nicer! I think, so far, I am ok.

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