"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Saturday, September 25, 2010

God Winks

It has been so long ago, now, I am not exactly sure who it was that was speaking; but his message I have remembered for a life time.

He was talking about when he was a kid; and he was remembering his family, holiday meals.  He mentioned how much he hated those meals when extended family was visiting. He had to dress up in a suit, with a tie that choked him.  He wasn't allowed to speak, as at that time "Children should be seen and not heard" was the standard. He shared with his audience how uncomfortable he was crammed into a crowded table, and the temperature in the room was growing higher by the moment.  He just wanted out and away from that table.  He said he must have had a pretty mournful look on his face, when he looked up at his aunt who had been watching him.  You know; you have that feeling that someone is watching you, so you look to see and catch the eye of someone who has an interest in you. When he looked at his aunt, she gave him the biggest smile and wink of the eye that seemed to make all his misery melt away in that moment.  The wink told him that someone was watching and someone understood, and more than that someone empathized with him.  The wink from someone that loved him, got him through the discomfort and misery he was feeling.

When the speaker was done sharing his experience he related it to his (our) relationship with God.  Our Father is always watching us.  He loves us and is waiting to give us that wink we need, to encourage and strengthen us.

Ever since I heard this gentleman's talk, I have always referred to those little unexpected moments of encouragement in life as God Winks.  I have taught Matthew since he was a little boy to watch for those special moments, so that he might recognize from Whom they come and why.  I've had many such moments throughout my life, but do you think I could think of one right now to share in this blog.  No. But when one does occur, I know immediately it is a gift from God.  I guess I can't think of one right now, because that was not my intent for sharing this story.  My intent was to share a God Wink with my sissie.....


  1. Your Saint Paulia is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for caring.

  2. lol...it's YOUR Saint Paulia! But isn't it?? Beautiful, that is....I didn't know that is what it is called. I like that...btw Have you seen the one you gave Mom, lately? Gorgeous!

  3. ;-)possession is 9/10th of the law
    I am glad Mom's is still blooming well. I'll need to go see, I forgot to peek at it last time I was out.