"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Monday, October 11, 2010


It was a visit long overdue. Life gets busy and one often neglects to do the things one should. I won’t even try to make excuses; one often simply does what is expedient when there is opportunity to acquire the desired means an easier way. So though I see my sister and her family weekly, it has been three years since I have taken the time to visit them at their home. Eeek! I am ashamed to admit that.

I’m glad we finally went. I enjoyed seeing all the new things they have done to their home since I had last been there. I enjoyed seeing their animals and I loved being back at one of the places I have always said was one of the most peaceful places anywhere to visit.

While we were talking, I noticed a photo of my nephew that appeared on the screen saver of my sister’s computer. It was such a wonderful picture of him, I had to stop mid-sentence to comment on this photo of her youngest son. “Wow, that’s a great photo of GM!” I exclaimed. “His smile just radiates! I can tell he absolutely loved whatever it was you were doing that day.” I commented to my youngest sis.

We continued our visit, and it was time well-spent. But today, that photo of GM is still resonating in my thoughts. The smile in the photo that gives away so much of GM’s heart, made me understand it was time to write about this nephew that is so very special to me. I’m not so sure he would be comfortable with that, so at least for this moment, I will refer to him as GM. I hear his mom often call him G-Man; and when he was just a tyke, I always referred to him as G….-baby. That name I know without a doubt is no longer acceptable; (he is now 21! LOL) but still, sometimes I have to stop myself from calling him the nickname I gave him as a baby. It simply slips out in love and affection.

Anyway, GM is an awesome kid that almost always makes me smile, merely at the mention of his name. He has been a wonderful friend to Matt as they were growing up, and I know the bond between them will always be very strong. With Matt being an only child, I am very thankful for that relationship.

For me, GM is one of those people that I trust almost without question, because I know he will always tell me the truth. That is one thing that has always been very important to me. My nephew is one of the people I am most comfortable with for that reason. I don’t like to have to guess where I stand with a person, or in any given situation…just tell me what you think; tell me your opinion; your likes; your dislikes, and I will be happy as a clam. GM and I have that kind of relationship, and it is really very comforting. Because of that, I will almost always trust GM’s opinion and listen carefully to what he has to say.

I love G because he cares enough to show me he is interested in me. I don’t mean that to sound selfish; but I think that is how relationships are built, by knowing the other one cares. There have been many times my sis and I will be on an afternoon drive somewhere with our sons, and we will be talking politics or current events while cruising in her Subaru. Though the topic may not be a favorite topic of G, he will always contribute to the conversation showing me he is listening. I love that he would state his thoughts, and I am often surprised by the wisdom in his comment. I don’t know why I should be surprised; I surely shouldn’t. Maybe it’s because sometimes I feel like common sense is pretty rare these days, but G-man often shows it.

He warmed my heart the other day, while at another family gathering. I was lamenting a mistake I had made. I don’t remember what it was specifically, but I do remember that my nephew piped up, (though I didn’t even know he was listening) … “Yeah, but you’re a great aunt, Aunt Jan!”

Yeah, ok, his was just a little comment, but it meant the world to me. How often does one hear something like that, anyway? Not very often, I would guess.

G likes to write, he likes to learn, and he is very computer savvy. He is thoughtful, gregarious and dynamic. For the most part, he is very content and his happiness is always contagious. Sometimes he just flat out makes me laugh when his excitement over something is unleashed. G’s life isn’t perfect; he has trials in life just like everyone, but that guy has learned how to handle them. And we rarely hear him complain. It’s amazing. I, for one, know I do not handle so gracefully the trials that life throws at me… unfortunately, I complain, I whine and I snivel. I need to take some lessons from my nephew, I guess.

It’s October; and October is a difficult time for my family having lost one of my nephews, 4 years ago this month. I’m sure I will be writing about this loved one in a day or two…and yes my thoughts are already there. With those thoughts on my mind and seeing that awesome picture of the G-man on the computer screen yesterday, I came to realize that I wanted him to know how much I love him…today.


  1. Thanks for this special post, Jan. G *is* a special guy. I miss seeing him and your other nephews every week. Things change, and time has a way of slipping by without us noticing. It's good to be reminded to "be in the moment."

  2. Thank you, Karla! I'm sure they miss you, too.
    I love my nephews! (And nieces!) I have lots of character sketches to do!! lol