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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Walkin’ Talkin’ Country Song And Other Interesting Characters

"A Little More Country Than That"
I have loved each step we have traveled on the path that has led to Matt becoming an adult. It has been exciting to see each aspect of his life that has taken him from childhood to becoming a young man. Sometimes, it’s sad; because there is part of me that would like to keep him my little boy. But seeing the person he has become is a wonderful feeling.                                                                

Yesterday, some friends invited him to lunch and a movie. Any time there are people around, Matt is happy. He was very glad his schedule (and pocketbook) allowed him to go.

He had a great time; he told me when he got home. Ever since Matt was little, he has been the type of kid who loves to share his experiences. That is probably one of the things I enjoy most about who he is. When he was little, while playing with other kids and something exciting happened that he knew his dad or I would enjoy, he wouldn’t hesitate to run get us to share the experience; or he would call, “Hey Mom! Come look at this.” He would call us to watch the funny antics of a pet, the beauty of a sunset, or he would call us to hear the moving lyrics of a song.

Coming home from a church camp, or a CAP event, he would start at the most exciting moment and work his way down to the very last thing that he had enjoyed or “got a kick out of”. He simply likes to share his joys and I love that. So it was yesterday; upon arriving home, he gave us a "low-down" of everything that had happened during his time in town with friends.

He was just about done telling us all that he intended to share about his day; and I had a big smile on my face, not so much for the details, but more so because of his obvious enjoyment. That is simply how Matt lives life. Excited, and joyous; not full speed, because he is most often slow and deliberate, but rather he lives with full gusto, I guess I would say. Anyway, before it was all over I was in full belly laughter, when he told me how they walked into a candy shop after the movie and the clerk behind the counter asked them if they needed help. She some how noticed Matt’s belt buckle and said “Hey what’s on your buckle?” So he put both hands on the buckle and tilted it out for her to see. “It’s a Coast Guard buckle” he said. A friend had given it to him a couple years ago, and though not large or gaudy, it is indeed an interesting looking buckle and he loves it.

“Awesome,” the clerk replied. “Well, what’s that say on your ball cap?” she inquired.

“Homeland Security” Matt told her. “It says: ‘The Second Amendment – America’s original Homeland Security.’”

She laughed…convincing, deep, real laughter. But it doesn’t end there. This woman was most likely a “people person”, too; and she was having a blast getting to know Matthew.

“Ok, she said…well you might as well tell me what that says on your T-shirt.” “Isn’t that a little chilly for this time of year?” She must be a mama, I thought as Matt continued his tale. I was getting a visual picture in my mind of this woman, as well. But I had to ask at this point. “How old is this woman?” I inquired.

“Oh, I would say she was in her 60’s or so,” he told me. “Maybe a bit older than you.” (Ouch.) “And I think she was from the south”, he informed me.

So anyway, at her request Matt pulled his jacket open so she could better see his shirt. The shirt was one of his favorite T –shirts with an appliqué of a cowboy and his horse, the cowboy is kneeling at the foot of a cross. “It says, ‘It’s hard to stumble, when you’re on your knees.’” And I could picture him nodding his head in approval as he told her.

“Well you are an interesting character!” she exclaimed as they ended their conversation. He got a nudge and a smile from a friend over that comment; and as each friend knows him so well, I’m sure a laugh from all.

That was about it, I guess. The conversation ended…maybe the other kids facilitated the ending…I don’t know; I didn’t ask. I had my own revelation to grasp through my laughter.

Yep! That’s my boy. Isn’t there a country song written about someone like that?


  1. I love this. I love my nephew and his mom and dad. I don't know country music but after reading this. Some lyrics about Red,White and Blue kept playing in my head and heart.

  2. Thanks, Kelley! YES! Red, White and Blue - colors that won't run! ;-)

    Thank you, Mandy! Good to see you here...I have been enjoying yours as well!!