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Monday, March 28, 2011

Closing Windows and Cleaning House

I know I am, or can be, the most impatient person in the world. There is nothing I hate more than waiting at a red light, waiting in lines, or waiting in a doctor or dentist office.  I have always felt, I just don’t have that kind of time to waste. "We’re burning daylight here and there is still much to be done", has always been my mantra. Poor Matthew! Seems like I am always making him hurry, and that just isn’t his personality.

Anyway, due to my impatience, I, more than anyone am pretty surprised by the fact that I enjoy blogging. Well, no it probably wouldn’t "waste my time" if I wasn’t on dial-up…but OH MY, is dial-up ever a big waste of time! If one allows it.  It was pretty difficult to go back to dial-up after enjoying the freedom of “high-speed” while I had my book store. But I had no other choice…soooo, if I am going to use the internet, I have to put up with dial-up.

I decided the only way I could do this was to simply use our land-line for the internet and go to strictly using our cell phones for all phone calls. So, two years ago, I shut my ringers off and I mostly just use the land-line in order to leave the internet on throughout the day. That at least saves a little time, rather than waiting for a connection each time someone needs the internet.

This week-end I decided I wanted to check up on the blogs that I follow. I haven’t been able to do this for awhile, and it is something I enjoy. Both my men were working, so I had the house to myself and it was the perfect time to sit back and enjoy reading. It wasn’t long before I realized: hmmm, well ok; if I had peaceful reading in mind, with my crummy dial-up this certainly wasn’t going to be the case.

It went kind of like this: Type in address of desired blog…wait for page to load….wait for page to load…wait for page load….oh yeah; I can’t do this….go put a load of laundry in the washer. Sit down, to read the blog…enjoy what few photos actually loaded…wonder what photos are behind the red X’s. Click on new link to something that might be fun to read…wait for page to load…wait for page….go unload the dishwasher…..come back to computer, see that the page for some reason didn’t load. Rats!…oh well….at least I got to see some of what this friend was thinking…Type in next blog….while I wait for page to load, I will begin to vacuum….come back check to see if blog has loaded….laugh a little at this friend’s wit…click to see more photos….finish vacumming.

Come back to computer; type in next address…while I wait for it to load, I will open another Window to go to my bookstore and enter in some more books to my data base…enter two or three books…begin to price…Windows freezes…too impatient…I usually just get out…but this time I will click restart and see if that even works….Nope! Windows closes anyway!....Ok…next blog…loading, loading, loading….looks like it will be a pretty new design….It’s time to dust.

That done, I will try to enjoy some more blog reading…but Bullet is running in and out….this is one dog one can’t ignore…when he wants out…he gets let out…when he wants in, he gets let in…Sit down again…I want to comment on this blog to tell my friend how much I enjoyed it….sign in….woops wrong password….re-type password, get a snack while I wait for page to reload….wouldn’t post….hmmm…there’s always the windows - as in house windows - that need cleaning. I should probably do that instead.
And I blog because? It’s teaching me patience....oh, and a chance to clean house.


  1. Oh, that would be very frustrating! That is one thing that we seriously kept in mind when we were looking for a house to buy! I hope you get high-speed out your way soon!

  2. Thanks, Karla!! I hope so, too! It makes me grouchy! ;-)