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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Sergeant and the Gentleman

Every once in a while, one hears something, that one just shouldn't forget. Ever! Thank God, for blogs! What a great way to share stories that really should be enjoyed by all.

When I got home from work, today, my son, Matt, and I sat down to catch up on things that have been taking place in our lives the last couple of days. He had been off to Emergency Services Training, and we really hadn’t had much time to talk.

He had a story to share about a friend of his, that I got such a kick out of, I simply had to share it with you. Let me preface things just a bit, first, though.

This friend is a member of Civil Air Patrol along with Matt. For those that might not know, Civil Air Patrol is the civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force. It includes a great program for youth that allows for some great experiences in community service, aerospace education, moral leadership and physical training. CAP teaches military bearing and a presence of mind that is very important for any cadet that would want to enter the military, but it is also great training with wonderful experiences for every aspect of life.

CAP also has a senior member program for adults. Both men and women participate. Every once in a while in life, we find women that simply resent being treated like a lady. It doesn’t only occur with military minded women; one might find it in any profession. An example that comes to mind - which happened recently - was when the lady Senator reprimanded the 5 Star General for calling her "ma'am".

"I worked hard for this title", she told the General. "I expect you to use it! Call me Senator," she demanded. 

I’m still shaking my head over that one.

But anyway, you get the idea. Well, this week-end, a similar experience happened to this friend of Matthew's; TB I will call him. TB is a wonderful young man, whom our family has grown to love. He is just a flat-out, all-around, good kid...and I admire the way he has been raised.

While at a CAP activity recently and while in uniform, TB held the door for a female staff sergeant. As his flight sergeant, she of course had authority over TB. Rather than thank the cadet for his thoughtfulness, she lit into TB with both barrels. "Don't you ever hold that door for me and treat me like some lady when I am in this uniform!" she scolded.

Without so much as missing a beat, TB responded, "I'm not holding the door for you because you're a lady! I'm holding the door for you because I'm a gentleman!"

Yep, "presence of mind", right from the heart.


  1. LOVE this story!
    Thanks for sharing it=)


  2. Ha ha...thanks, Tasha! Yes! It still makes me smile!

  3. That was good! Thank you for sharing!