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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Drivin' 48

A friend of mine had an interesting post on her blog about all the places she has traveled throughout her life. She included a colorful, little map of the United States that showed all the states she has been. Since my husband was a long-haul trucker and we used to go with him as a family from time to time, I thought it would be fun for us to make a map of our own. We homeschooled our son and riding on the truck across the lower 48 taught amazing lessons and gave us memories we don’t ever want to forget. Below is our map! Maybe eventually I will add a memory or lesson we learned from each state.

I included Hawaii, as both Matt’s dad and I have been there. Matt’s time in that state still awaits him. The provinces below, are my own travels.

Make your own map!  It's kind of fun!  http://www.epgsoft.com/VisitedStatesMap/


  1. Oh, cool! You figured out how to do it. It's interesting that the "blank" places are pretty similar to mine. I finally got to Florida about 2 years ago on a business trip. Just me, though; not the family. Lyle and I went on vacation to Pennsylvania in 1991 and hit New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia on that trip. That's the only time we've been in that area.

    We have a map on the side of our travel-trailer that is filled in with the states all 4 of us have been in. Every state (of the 48) west of the Mississippi is filled in, but that eastern half is still pretty wide open. Ah... if we only have time and money to travel as much as we would like!

  2. ha ha...yes, I was looking at your map, and thought that it looked pretty much like mine --like we both had missed the north eastern states. Hubby hated to drive those states for a lot of reasons; but we missed our opportunity to go with him one time in the fall and I have been kicking myself ever since! Always wanted to see New England states in the fall. Oh well, I did get to Montreal and Quebec City in the fall years ago.

    Maybe we should plan a trip Karla for those states after the kids have all graduated... ;-)

    If Matt continues with his plans for the CG Acadamey in Conneticut...I will no doubt follow him there...at least for a vacation. ;-) LOL