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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Way He Was Raised - More Graduation

Each of the graduates had an opportunity to do a musical number for the prelude before graduation. Almost all of them chose to participate in this. Matthew has been practicing his guitar, and loves to sing, but he is by no means a professional. Still, he had a desire to participate. When I saw the song he had chosen, I understood why. This is an absolutely beautiful song by Josh Turner and the lyrics are powerful. When I heard this song the first time, I thought it was so appropriate for a graduation. The beginning verses led me to believe it was about a young boy growing up. And I thought how perfect for graduation! As I listened, tears began to stream down my face. Read along and you will understand too. The song could not be more perfect!

Cousins performing "The Way He Was Raised"

 I decided to post the lyrics here, because Matthew's choice in song, was not to display his talent - which I'm sure some would say is debatable.  (Only cause that is what they would say.) Rather, it was to share these awesome lyrics. Unfortunately, we didn't announce the beginning of the prelude, and Matt and his cousin Spirit, (though strong and as beautiful as her voice is - she IS a professional) failed to capture the attention of the audience. Soooo, people were talking all the way through the song. A bit tricky for someone who is performing for the first time! I decided to post the lyrics here; they are too beautiful, to not be shared. It is my way of honoring what Matthew wanted to do. Enjoy!

The Way He Was Raised
Written by Josh Turner, Mark Narmore and Bobby Tomberlin

He always wore those worn out flip-flops
Spent hours in his Daddy's workshop
He loved being on the water
Fishing with His friends

He always listened to the old folks
When they'd tell stories and crack jokes.
Didn't talk back to his Mama
When she got onto Him.,

Oh, that's just the way He was raised
Had to finish all His chores 'fore He could go outside and play
they always went to church that's were he learned how to pray
And that's just the way He was raised.

He grew His hair out when He got older
Grew it clear down to His shoulders
Started hanging with the outcasts
When He went off to town

Some called Him a troublemaker
Even some said a lawbreaker
No matter how they talked about Him
He never put nobody down

'Cause that's just the way He was raised
When people start to gossip, He'd just walk away
He always loved his neighbor no matter what they'd say
Oh, that's just the way He was raised

On a cross, on a hill
That longhaired boy was killed
All our sins washed away
When He walked out of that grave

Oh, that's just the way He was raised
there's no way we can measure
The sacrifice He made
He knew He had to die
For our debt to be paid

Oh, that's just the way He was raised
It took the hand of God to roll the stone away
And that's just the way He was raised.
Yeah, that's just the way He was raised.

Oh and by the way, Spirit and Matt's performance was absolutely beautiful - in spite of all the chatter. Yeah, I know..a mama's perspective. :-) ..if you get a chance to hear Josh Turner sing this song, I highly recommend it! You won't be sorry.  You would have liked Matt and Spirit, too.