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Monday, August 15, 2011

AAAAGH Politics!! And Fireworks!

After watching the Republican debates on Fox the other night, I found myself very excited about some of the candidates that are running.  It was, in fact, a very inspiring debate.

The next day I was on Facebook and noticed a question and statement from an organization that I had “liked” at some point during my Facebook wanderings. I knew it was a conservative group, promoting conservative dialogue. They seek support from other Facebook members and people “join” to demonstrate their opinions and allegiances.

While I don’t usually comment on these types of posts, the question they proposed was simply too tempting for me. I thought it would be fun to enter the discussion.  Fireworks?  Um Umm!  I received some of my own.  Below is the question; my initial response to the question; and then the comments that followed simply because I expressed an opinion that was different than some of the other “members”.  Let me know what you think!

“Last night's debate had some fireworks! T-Paw and Bachmann, Santorum and Paul, Romney and everyone, and Newt's "Gotcha Question." Did you get to watch it? COMMENT and let us know who you're supporting at this point and why!”

My answer:

“Most all are awesome candidates....3 did not belong there: Ron Paul; Mitt Romney; and John Huntsman. I am leaning toward Rick Santorum at this point because of his understanding of the need to support Israel, his position on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, his pro-life commitment, and his many years of consistency on all his stances. Ron Paul, in truth, is barely a conservative and definitely not a Republican (which btw he admits, saying running as a Republican is the only way he can win)...his true colors are beginning to show and hopefully the American people are waking up to his antics. Newt's comments about the media made my day! Fireworks! Yeah! The American way! I'm excited to see Gov Perry and Gov. Palin enter the race!”

Responses from my post: (I didn’t think my post sounded harsh; I didn’t mean for it to be.  I was only expressing my feelings about the debate like the question asked us.)

“Wow Jan... I guess if Rick Santorum is your definition of a republican then W was too? LAME... You neo-conservatives are losing ground because of real defenders of Liberty like Ron Paul. Good riddence. Neo-cons RUINED the republican party. The old guard of the Republican party is on the way up and you guys are getting put back with the Liberals where you belong. Good Riddance!”

“@Jan, Palin? Cmon really.. hey lets put my niece in the running she's got about as much experience. Talking a good game is one thing, she can't walk it though mark my words, shes a side show.”

“Jan...no disrespect...but I'm glad there's only a few like you on here who are against Ron Paul...the majority are waking up and taking notice at what a true patriot he is!”

“Jan, it sounds like you want to live under a Fascist religious theocracy. Are you familiar with the US Constitution?”

“@ Jan...you really need to do better homework...pretty sad you believe all that drivel you just wrote.”

“Jan, first please read the Gospel of PEACE, it's in that little black book collecting dust in your attic, second, read the US Constitution, you can find that online or your local library, while you're there do a little research on Thomas Jefferson, he's that dead guy who wrote the Declaratin of In Jan, independence, then read the republican party platform, then come back and tell me who's more conservative”

A day or so later, my post was long gone, never to be found again, but I noticed a couple of my attackers making comments again on the page.  I know I shouldn’t have done it, but….I did it anyway.  I placed a follow up post where I knew they would be able to read it.  Here are my comments to them:

"Aw...my attackers...nice to see you both on here again...where I can get in a response to the name calling I received. Apparently some of you that support Ron Paul don't support free speech. I thought this was a forum to express our feelings about the debate. I did just that and was called everything from a neo-republican to a fascist. Warned to read my Bible that was collecting dust in attic...and then warned to read the Constitution (which by the way, is posted on my wall) Also, my Bible isn't in the attic collecting dust, but it is always readily available to me and I read it daily...it is also written on my heart. Finally, I was only quoting Ron Paul, himself...he is the one that said the only reason he was running as a Republican was that it was the only way he could win. It would cost too much money otherwise. Look it up. It's fact. So who is the real RINO? He said it, I didn't...yet you choose to attack me over it. Apparently free speech is another issue that should be left to the states, huh? By the way, look up that quote by Abraham Lincoln that Rick Santorum quoted. We have moral obligations as a nation. "States don't have the right to legislate that which is wrong."  I would really like to see Dr. Paul quit hiding behind States Rights in order to promote his liberal agenda..ie...legalizing marijuana and heroin, gay marriage....etc.
Bring on the arrows! or snowballs* or whatever weapon you might choose. Oh and America IS an exceptional nation...we just need to work to keep it that way. Dr. Paul just doesn't seem to get that.”

* “Snowballs” is a reference to the fact that Paul supporters attacked Sean Hannity with snowballs last winter after an interview with Ron Paul.

“Jan, your whining. I visit Liberal forums all the time and I get called names all the time. Doesn't phase me and I don't whine to them about what they call me...your weak”

My final response.  (Yes, I really do know better!  ;-) )
“Nope, not whining, just proving a point about Ron Paul and his supporters. I would expect to be called names on a “liberal forum”, but surely didn't expect it on a Tea Party forum...well maybe only from a few of Paul's supporters ...I've seen it happen before .. :-) Thank you! Now I can add whining and weak to my list from someone with Ron Paul's face.”

There were some additional comments to my final post, but the comments really revealed at least one persons radical ideology, so I won’t post it here. Clearly, there was never any discussion about the comments I made regarding Paul's policy and facts I presented. No mention of any of the issues I brought up or Paul's voting record or anything he stands for; only attacks on me and later (the comments I haven't posted) a diatribe on how we should all be peace makers, ending with someone finally admitting I have the right to express my opinion even if its wrong. Thank you! I agree!

The truth of the matter, I think we should dialogue about these issues once in a while.  It reveals so much.  How do we learn if we try to hide everything under the rug and pretend that “there are two things we shouldn’t talk about…politics and religion”? I’m sure you have heard that old saying about the two topics to avoid.  In my opinion, those are two things we should definitely be talking about.  Presidential candidates?  Yes, we should be talking about them!  We need to know exactly for what they stand.  Hopefully, there will be a few people that take the time to verify the facts that they read and hear and then dismiss or learn more about the candidate.  That’s the American way and that is what will help us get the right candidate. We should stay off of “band-wagons” until we are sure it is a safe place to ride.

In the mean time, I guess I continue to blog….Correct me if I’m wrong; but isn’t blogging supposed to be about expressing your thoughts and hopefully creating dialogue which will cause people to think. My next post will likely be about some of the radical statements Ron Paul made during the debate. Like blaming America for the war in Iraq. Oh I know; that shouldn't surprise me...he is after all one of the original "Truthers".  Paul has been emboldened by his continued support and he is now revealing his true anti-Israel, anti-American beliefs. Honestly, it was down-right scary.  Stay tuned…or not.  I'm sure there will be Fireworks!  ;-)


  1. Thanks Jan,
    I'll be staying tuned. You're the most knowledgable person I know concerning the historical and recent political scene. The amount of study you've put into it never ceases to amaze me. You are my watchman on the wall.

  2. Thanks, Kelley. That is nice of you to say.
    I find it all soooo interesting. Thanks for reading! :-)