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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And So....

Two hearts; two lives joined together in love. Actually, the truth is, it’s a whole lot of hearts and a whole lot of lives that are forever joined together when a couple chooses to wed.  And it is an awesome, wonderful thing, created by God.

Of course the two most important are the newlyweds; in this case, my nephew K, and his new bride, A.

K. and A. were high school sweethearts, I believe; and now at age 25 they are ready and willing to strengthen their commitment to one another - a commitment that seemed to be there from the moment they met.

K watches as his bride walks down the aisle and as his daddy looks on.

Groom, Dad and Bro!
K. had his dad stand in proxy for his best man, as at the last minute his best friend from New York was not able to attend as expected. Though I know K. was extremely disappointed, the best man would be there in spirit the groom said, and he was honored to have his dad stand in his place.

The bride and groom chose to be married in the church A's mom and dad were married in more than a 1/4 of a century ago. Of course, the pastor was not the same, but the sentiment in that decision reveals so much of the things that are important to this young couple: traditions, family, and ties to the past..."holding fast to that which is good."

A. was strikingly beautiful in her 1940's style dress and K. the dashing and debonair gentleman suited perfectly for this gorgeous bride and their what could have been "made-for-movies" wedding.

K. was the first to show tears, and when I saw A. reach her hand to his face so that she might wipe away the first moist droplets falling down his cheek, for me the flood gates were opened.  As they also were, I’m sure, for mamas, and sissies and other aunties with hearts opening greater in love during this sacred ceremony.  It was a very poignant and tender moment which revealed so much of what this new young couple will experience throughout their married life.

     A symbol of their union.      
A. places the ring on K's finger.
There were several beautiful songs sung by the bride's sister, specially selected to show the couple's love for one another. The message from the pastor - timeless; Scriptural and nothing short of the age old message that unites two in a dance called marriage.
Mr. and Mrs.

Awesome Adventure Arrives
I love that photo directly above. My son took it, and there is something so magical about it - for lack of a better word.  Such a happy day, so much for which to look forward, hearts forever united; families forever forged.

And so...and so, after the wedding, a wonderful reception was held at the home of the bride's aunt.  The reception was lovely, the early fall weather more like a warm summer eve, hearts joyous...let the dance begin.

<>                 Forever Young - A mama's love for her son.
The bride and her daddy - forever moment; forever love.

And so - they all lived happily ever after and
 the love of a family grows....

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