"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fingernail Moon - Spending Treasure - X

He walked out into the cool, crisp morning air, but I stopped at the screen door, waiting for him to say good-bye.  It was early and I could see from the front door that the grass was layered in frost.

“Come’re, Ma! He said looking back over his shoulder, as he motioned me outside. “It’s so beautiful!”  So at this encouragement, I followed him outside and down the walk.  “Doesn’t it feel great!” he continued.  “Look at that fingernail moon”, he stated as he pointed to a small sliver of the moon still lingering in the early morning, autumn sky.

He was right! Everything was so beautiful; so still, fresh and clear, despite a low layer of fog hanging around, dressing the foliage in burka like coverings, exposing very little of what it was behind the shroud.  Oh my!  How I love that my son pauses often to appreciate the beauty of nature, but also that he is always so willing to share it with me.

He has always done that; ever since he was just a little tyke.  It is one of the things I love most about my son.  “Come see, Mom!” “Come hear”; “Come look”.  It has always been that way.  It is always heartfelt moments from him, and heart-warming experiences for me.

I was so glad he encouraged me to share the beauty with him, this morning.  I would have missed it. He stopped to snap a picture, as I walked out to get the morning paper.  Yes! I do love autumn, once my whining about the summer season being too short is behind me. 

I enjoy harvesting the garden and cleaning up the residue, and tilling the soil nicely so it will be ready for spring.  I love the sunsets and sunrises, that just seem to be more extreme during these shorter days of fall.  I love putting away the garden hoses, and the outdoor tables and chairs.  And I love that there is a nice wood pile chopped and ready to burn. 

I had my favorite kind of day, today - simply being home.  I read; I wrote; I studied.  I cleaned a little, and I relaxed in the sun shining through my living room windows. I finished canning the last of my slowly, ripened tomatoes just so that I would feel that I had at least done something constructive.  I even wrapped a Christmas present.  The holidays will be here sooner than we know, and I am trying to be more prepared this year. I started dinner; then, I went out to feed the horses, pausing to brush them a little so I could enjoy their thick, silky winter coats while I listened to their soft munching. 

The evening is as beautiful as the morning was. The sun setting in the western sky has left a pink cushion separating fluffy silver clouds from the now azure mountains.  The air remains crisp and cold. It remains quiet; it remains still.  I love where I live. I love that the animals are fed, and dinner is in the oven for my family. In just a little bit, we will be talking about things that took place since we have been apart…laughing, and sharing; sometimes complaining; listening.  

The busyness and workload of the summer is behind us, and the preparations for winter are done.  The busy holiday season is not yet upon us, and today was what it feels like autumn is all about - rest, after preparation.  I love that settling in feeling. The day that I spent at home today just seemed to exemplify all of that.

I could almost bet that in a few hours my son will be calling me to come see something funny on the computer or television.  He will stop to look out the window searching the evening sky, and I know I won’t be too busy to stop to take a peak at a fingernail moon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

You Ready?

Are You Ready for the End of Time? I had seen the title when I checked the book into my bookstore.  But I didn’t pay much attention to it at that time.  I didn’t pay much attention to the author, either. Though I knew J. C. Ryle sounded familiar, I had never read any of his writings. I assumed it was yet another book on eschatology that had become so popular in these…well, end times! 

A few months ago, I received a book order for Ryle’s book from my on-line bookstore. I got ready to mail the book off, and as is my practice, I looked it over to be sure the condition was as I stated on the website.  I paid more attention this time, and saw that the author was not a current author at all, but one from the mid 1800’s.  This made me curious, so I decided to do a quick reading before I sent the book off to my customer.

I scanned the chapters and saw Mr. Ryle had written a good deal about Israel. Because I was unsure how much time I would have to read it, I started by reading these chapters first. I could not have been more excited about all that Ryle had written.  It was as if he was living at this very time. He had understanding that was amazing considering this book was written in 1867.  Just think; Israel had not yet been restored as a nation at this time, yet because of what he had read in Scripture, his faith was without reservation, that one day soon, Israel would be restored. I quickly decided I had to read this entire book before sending it to my customer.  I knew I had two days according to the contract before it had to be mailed.  So I sat down and devoured Ryle’s book.

Even more important than his view of the end times, was his rock solid theology on all matters.  I felt like I had come home.  I am not afraid to say, I have been very discouraged by much of what is taking place with our Christian faith. Never in my life have I seen such blatant misinterpreting of Scripture, diverse doctrine, and confusion among Christians.  I have been very discouraged by it, but continued to be encouraged by my belief that Christ will not lose His church.

As I read this book written all those years ago, I became so uplifted.  This is it, I thought to myself.  This is the faith of my youth. This is the doctrine and beliefs with which I was raised. Ryle writes with truth, and strength, and love.  He unashamedly writes centuries’ old beliefs with clear understanding.

He acknowledges from the beginning of his book that he understands there are different doctrines and beliefs among Christians and that unless it is a matter of salvation and the core foundational truths of the Bible, he will not expound upon those issues. He will only write about what is clearly laid out in Scripture.  He had no attacks for anyone, no attempt at finding some new spiritual truth to make himself appear some how more knowledgeable and in tune with God than others.  (Yes, sometimes we Christians do that!)  He only wanted to write about the truths of the Bible and show the importance of God’s Word. 

In the preface of his book he states:

One thing only I wish to premise, before making my statement. The reader must distinctly understand that I do not put forth my prophetical views as articles of faith, but only as my private opinions, I do not say that nobody can be saved who does not agree with me about prophecy.  I am not infallible. I am very sensible that holier and better men than myself do not see these subjects with my eyes, and think me utterly mistaken.  I condemn nobody, I judge nobody. I only ask liberty to hold and state distinctly my own views. The day will decide who is right. It is the new heart and faith in Christ’s blood, which are absolutely necessary to salvation.  The man who knows these two things experimentally may be wrong about prophecy, but he will not miss heaven.

I love that.  Where a teaching does not hurt the truth of the Gospel message, or distort verses for a private gain, then I believe we should allow acceptance of one another in matters that are not entirely clear.  The Bible says without a doubt, there is only one correct interpretation of Scripture, but in our human nature, we sometimes make mistakes in our own interpretations. (2 Peter 1:20-21)

I felt like other than the Bible, this was the most accurate accounting I had read in a long time.  I could hear my grandpa and grandma in Ryle’s words.  I could hear my mom and dad. I was simply reading rock solid faith; no doubts, no questions; just faith unshakeable and it made me feel like I had come home.  I don’t know how else to explain it, though I feel that description isn’t very accurate.  I don’t want to leave the impression I have been away, or that I don’t get good teaching at my church.  I do!  And I love my church and pastor for that reason. I believe my pastor is one of the most gifted in our area. But with all the books, television, radio and internet, we are also exposed to a huge amount of diverse beliefs.  I get discouraged with that.  Someone’s always looking for something new to say, or some new view to share, it seems.  We don’t need that.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13: 8) The Bible is all we need.  And I may not agree with every thing Ryle believed, but I absolutely loved this book – its simplicity in sharing profound Biblical truths. I didn’t want to let it go, but I mailed it off, and then went on line to look for another one for myself.  It was one I wanted to be sure to keep in my library.

The next Sunday, when I went to church, I decided to walk over to our church book store; I wanted to see if there was anything by my new favorite author.  My church is very careful with the books they sell there, not wanting to promote anything that isn’t entirely Biblical.  I was curious to see if J. C. Ryle would be among the authors the church bookstore is comfortable in carrying.  Sure enough! There was a copy of Holiness - Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots. I bought it.  Oh boy, that book is for a whole other post.  It’s awesome.

I usually hesitate to write about Spiritual issues, knowing that there are sometimes many differences of thought among family and friends, but if I could explain as Ryle did in the above quote – I only ask liberty to hold and state distinctly my own views. The day will decide who is right. It is the new heart and faith in Christ’s blood, which are absolutely necessary to salvation.” – then, I know I will write more about this author later. 

I have also found some of his sermons on line, and there is one specifically that I have wanted to share. Not because I believe there is anyone that needs to read it or to force my views on anyone; but simply for the fact we all want to share that which we love.  In things that are not related to a salvation message, we share mostly for ourselves, I guess…out of our own excitement.  But I wanted to write about this first…simply the joy in being part of the body of faith that Gods’ Word says is based on something that never changes and is forever the same. Despite the fallible efforts of man sometimes, the infallible Word of God remains.

In regard to my disillusionment and discouragement with today’s church that I mentioned earlier, let me borrow a nugget from Ryle: 

I believe that the widespread unbelief, indifference, formalism and wickedness, which are to be seen throughout Christendom, are only what we are taught to expect in God’s Word.  Troublous times, departures from the faith, evil men waxing worse and worse, love waxing cold, are things distinctly predicted.  So far from making me doubt the truth of Christianity, they help to confirm my faith.  Melancholy and sorrowful as the sight is, if I did not see it I should think the Bible was not true. 
(Matt. 24:12; 1 Tim. 4:1; 2 Tim. 3:1, 4, 13).

And a comment from Ryle that is so very important to me, and why I remain so very involved in politics in my life:

I charge every reader of this address never to forget the close connection which Scripture reveals between the time of Israel’s gathering and the time of Christ’s Second Advent to the world.  (That’s now, folks!) In one Psalm it is expressly declared, ‘When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory’ (102:16). Where is the true believer that does not long for that blessed day?  Where is the true Christian that does not cry from the bottom of his heart, ‘Thy kingdom come’? Let all such, work, give and pray, so that the gospel may have free course in Israel and be glorified.  The time to favour Zion is closely bound up with the restitution of all things. Blessed indeed is that work of which the completion shall usher in the second coming of the Lord!

This is exactly why I believe our nation must support Israel.  This is why I try to remain active in our nation’s politics; to help ensure that we do “favour Zion”.  As I have said before on this blog, I believe this is one of the most powerful witnessing tools, available to the Christian, today.  What a time-clock we have in Israel!  What amazing Biblical prophecy is being revealed as accurate!  When we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we are ushering in the Kingdom of God. “The time to favour Zion is closely bound up with the restitution of all things.”  When the Lord shall build up Zion, He shall appear in His glory.' As Ryle so factually points out, the same way that the degradation of society and the church point to the accuracy of the Bible and help confirm our faith, the restoration of Israel as a nation and the stumbling block to the world it has become, should also cause us to consider the accuracy of Scripture.

One more gem from Ryle’s book, if I may, which should encourage us all:

The one point, on which I desire to fix the eyes of my own soul, is the second personal coming of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  To that ‘blessed hope and glorious appearing’, I wish, by God’s help to direct all who read this volume.  God forbid that anyone should neglect present duties!  To sit idly waiting for Christ, and not to attend to the business of our respective positions, is not Christianity, but fanaticism.  Let us remember in all our daily employments that we serve a Master who is coming again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Faith, Family, Football, and Fifty's

Kathie Lee Gifford
Sometimes as I clean house, I will turn on the television to add background noise while I complete my duties.  I can pause periodically if something catches my interest and it makes for a nice, relaxing morning as I get things done.

This morning I decided to watch 700 Club, I knew Pat would have a commentary on the recent release of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier that has been held captive by Hamas for the last 5 years.  (Don’t worry; this post will be more light-hearted than that discussion would be.)

As I continued to clean, at 10:00, I decided to switch channels to catch a little of Kathie Lee and Hoda. I rarely watch this show, but every once in a while I will pause to watch Kathie and Hoda’s opening conversation. It is all, generally, a pretty light hearted conversation; and I enjoy Kathie Lee’s sense of humor.  She is a born again Christian, who is married to Frank Gifford, one of the NFL Hall of Fame football greats from the 1950’s. Therefore, I have always had some things in common with her: our Christian faith and our love of football.

This morning, I stopped for a minute to watch, because I could see Kathie Lee was giving a heartfelt testimony about something.  I read the message at the bottom of the screen.  “Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.” 

She was fighting tears as she spoke of her marriage to her best friend of 25 years.  We all know, and she readily stated, their marriage has been less than perfect.  She cast no stones, as she admitted to some of her short comings as well.  She gave the glory to God, stating how rare it is to have a marriage that lasts in this day and age; “with more things fighting against marriage, rather than supporting it in today’s world”.  It’s true, it seems; especially in the entertainment industry. It was really a very touching tribute to her husband and her love was deeply apparent.

I laughed as she transitioned out of the statements she had been making; always true to her form, eventually bringing a little levity to a situation that she knew had been discussed long enough. 

I laughed at myself, too - I guess because of all the years I have stopped to periodically include her in my life.  When Matthew was a toddler, I used to watch Regis and Kathie Lee week-day mornings at 9:00.  I probably watched it a little more often back then, because I have never forgotten a particular day when I was watching. Matthew walked into the room, looked at the television set and seriously stated, “Hmmm, Kathie Lee having a bad hair day.” 

Matt could not have been more than two or three years old when he made that comment.  He was using full sentences at the age of two. I remember his expression like it was yesterday; and I had a good laugh this morning at the picture in my mind. Simply because I had paused to watch Kathie Lee, today, I enjoyed a wonderful memory of my little boy from several years ago.

I have just always found her fun to watch. At that time, she would talk about her kids, and her marriage and sometimes her faith. I liked the jokes and banter between her and Regis; and it was always fun to see what trivial event they might be discussing in their opening conversation.  More often on that show than now, she would occasionally become serious.  She went through a tough time in her marriage at that time, and I believe that difficult season in her life was what eventually caused her to leave that show. 

Though I rarely watch her anymore, (so I cannot actually recommend it as a wholesome show or not - I don't watch it enough to know) sometimes, I laugh at myself and wonder why in the world I have this connection with Kathie Lee.  I watch very little television - other that news programs - so why is her show one that I actually will sit down to view?  I have seen her misquote Scripture, and joke about drinking, and other things that as a Christian, I do not approve.  But I would never doubt, or question her commitment to the Lord.  That’s God’s job, not mine. I believe her commitment is real. I have my issues, too; as we ALL do. 

I guess I enjoy her because she is open, she is honest, and she is refreshing.  She is not afraid to say what she thinks, and she has often times landed herself in trouble over her views.  There have been times in her life she has taken a tremendous amount of attacks from the media and paparazzi because of her Christian faith.  I guess that is partly why I like her.  Through all her success and even with some of her faults, I have never seen her stand down from her faith. It would be great to see more people in the entertainment industry place such importance on marriage, strong values, and Scripture. 

Oh, by the way, she had a great hair day today; looking pretty good at 58!  Ha! Our age!! Could that be another thing we have in common?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


...With Love

A friend of mine recently posted on her blog, the poem below.  It is beautiful.  She posted it for her own personal reasons, but it is filled with so many truths, I wanted to add it here.   I don't think she would mind.
It would have been Isaac's 20th birthday, tomorrow.  We have missed so much of all one enjoys while seeing a child mature; but Isaac?  He is sitting at the feet of God and looking into the face of Jesus.  And I just know he is trading a few good laughs with his great grandpa and once again enjoying the company of his aunt and uncle.
To Isaac's family:  You loved him well; and it is apparent it is a forever love. The way you have handled your grief at your loss, bears an amazing testimony of your continual love and faith in our God.

    To All Parents
"I'll lend you for a while a child of mine," He said.
"For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he's dead.
It may be six or seven years, or twenty-two or three,
But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you, and should his stay be brief,
You'll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief."

"I cannot promise he will stay; since all from earth return,
But there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn.
I've looked the wide world over in My search for teachers true
And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love, nor think the labor vain,
Nor hate Me when I come to call to take him back again?"

"I fancied that I heard them say, "Dear Lord, Thy will be done!
For all the joy Thy child shall bring, the risk of grief we run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness, we'll love him while we may,
And for the happiness we've known, forever grateful stay;
But should the angels call for him much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand!"

-poem by Edgar Guest

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Another Warning! - Paulitics and War

Ok, so Ron Paul has done it again.  As if saying that Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons; that the legalization of marijuana should be defederalized (which in fact would push legalization of this dangerous drug forward); now we have to listen to him attack America for killing an avowed terrorist:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/sep/30/ron-paul-cleric-al-awlaki-assassinated/

Anwar al-Awlaki was killed by a United States air attack in Yemen last week. Ron Paul and the ACLU are outraged that Obama has allowed such a thing to happen, both calling it an assassination. The ACLU - left-wing radicals that they are - has gone so far as to say the attack took place in the peaceful Yemen desert.  Hmmm, last I heard Yemen was referred to as a place under multiple uprisings and a hiding place for al Qaeda, our number one enemy.  The problem, both Paul and the ACLU agree, is because al-Awlaki was a United States citizen.

Paul is calling the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki an “assassination.”  Now, I can understand Paul’s concern about the unwarranted attack or prosecution of an American citizen not proven to be guilty by a court of law. The Randy Weaver case was a travesty of justice in our Nation’s history. Hal Lindsey excellently explained possible repercussions of setting such a precedent in his weekly newsletter. Mr. Lindsey expresses some valid concerns, but he also correctly stated the problem we have created by not allowing a declaration of war. http://www.hallindsey.com/

But unjustly killing an American citizen is hardly the case here.  Al-Awlaki left America as a young child. He has no allegiance to this country; instead, he has sworn his allegiance publicly to al Qaeda, our most notorious enemy.  And is in fact, the mastermind behind the “Underwear Bomber”, the Fort Hood shooting and the “Times Square Bomber”.  The “American born” al Qaeda operative was considered one of the most influential terrorists wanted by the United States. And the truth of the matter, this IS war.  Nope, we haven’t declared war on al Qaeda, but they have declared war on us!  And in some ways, they have been pretty successful.  If not for the documents and policies put in place in 2001 by President Bush, after 9/11, we would be sitting here like the Red Coats during the American Revolution: looking real pretty in red, with our politically correct marching orders, but taking attacks while we blindly march ourselves into oblivion. The problem here I believe, is not allowing us to say we are fighting a “religion”, which is unlike any situation we have ever dealt with in our past history. Fighting a radical religion is likely to put us at war with people from a number of nations – and where they might be from is irrelevant when the group they belong to has declared war on America.

Though of course US Intelligence had been following al-Awlaki and knew he was in that automobile (from half a world away, no less) the strike was a US drone attack on al Qaeda, our bitter enemy.  If al-Awlaki wanted US rights and protection, he shouldn’t have been working with al Qaeda as America’s number one enemy.

I do understand the concern about the problems that could arise, and precedents that could be set by such action; but I do believe we have to use a little common sense here. Al-Awlaki was an enemy of the United States.   I knew immediately my opinion of the situation, but I also knew my disdain for Ron Paul, so I wanted to be sure that opinion wasn’t interfering with my judgment.  I wanted to think “critically” about this and not just regurgitate what I might hear on television or internet. I read, I researched, I even asked my son’s opinion, who by the way, always seems to have thought provoking ideas grounded in common sense.  I sought out the opinions of people I almost always believe and trust such as Hal Lindsey and Newt Gingrich. I believe it is a time now in our Nation’s history where we must take the time to verify reports and information.  We must think for ourselves, do the extra research and consider all facts.  This is not a time to blindly trust anyone.

Gingrich’s take on the issue was especially interesting.  Say what you will about the man, I have the utmost respect for him. During his Presidential run, he is the only candidate calling for decency and respect of the other candidates.  “We are all on the same side,” he has repeatedly said.  “And there will come a time when we need the unity.”  He could not be more right about this classy statement, but more than that he has acted upon what he said.

He could have chosen to attack Ron Paul (one of his competitors in the Presidential bid) as making another outlandish statement; so many of the candidates are going after one another verbally in this campaign.  But to Newt’s credit, in his newsletter on the issue of the drone attack, he does not mention Dr. Paul’s statement.  Instead he states the facts, shows the problem with the ACLU liberal agenda, and comes out with truth that needs to be shared.

After my research and heart ponderings, I am comfortable with the belief I have settled upon.  It just troubled me that I was actually agreeing with something Obama did. I am no fan of Obama, and I have a hard time not questioning everything he does, but I guess I should be more like Newt and have the strength of character to admit Obama finally got one right this time.  Deep within me, though, as often as this President has been out to lunch, on vacation, or at the golf course, I sometimes wonder if he even knew anything about it. On the other side of the coin, I also find myself wondering if this was a political move on Obama’s part, in light of next year’s election. Originally, Obama even wanted terrorists who weren’t U.S. citizens to be tried in our civilian courts. For me, that is one of the most troubling things that could happen in this War on Terror, now labeled “overseas contingency”, at the direction of the Obama administration. But that is for a whole other discussion. I do truly believe the real credit for this successful drone attack goes to our military - the best national defense in the world.

So though I should strive to have character like people such as Newt Gingrich, I don’t have to be silent about Paul – because I’m not running for President. I will continue to express my beliefs about men or women that could one day be the highest official of this great land.  Newt may or may not have my vote, time will tell; but Ron Paul definitely will not.

If we were to do what Paul suggests, try the enemy in a civilian court, I guess we would owe lots of apologies.  For example as my son says, “We would need to apologize for every Confederate soldier that the Union killed.”  And since the Confederates were also United States Citizens, we would also have to apologize for every Union soldier that was killed by a Confederate.  I don’t think that is too much of a stretch.  War is war, and as sad as it is, sometimes it is needful. It is needed to save more lives in the long run. There are different “rules of engagement” in war; there has to be.

But for the sake of argument, let’s take it back to the perspective of protecting a United States citizen: Gee, I guess we would need to apologize to Bonnie and Clyde, for getting shot by authorities because they wouldn’t give up and instead go to trial.  Yes, they had a right to a trial, but they chose otherwise.  Whether al-Awlaki had a right to a trial is highly debatable. I don’t believe anyone will ever convince me he should have been granted that right. He chose to run. He chose to hide. And he chose to attack America, even if it was his place of birth.

I could go on and on with my rant in this blog but it really isn’t necessary.   Speaker Gingrich said it clearly and concisely in his newsletter this week:

Congress gave the president the authority to use “all necessary and appropriate force” force against Al Qaeda in 2001. Anyone engaged in war against the United States, whether an American citizen or not, is subject to the use of force by the U.S.  As John Yoo put it this week, "American citizens who join the enemy do not enjoy a roving legal force-field that immunizes them from military reprisal."
President Obama was entirely within his rights to take action against a top-ranking member of a group that has declared war on the U.S., and who was actively seeking to launch new attacks against this country.
President Obama's legal advisors unanimously agreed. (Personally, I don't really care much about that.)
In addition to eliminating an important figure in the Al Qaeda leadership, Awlaki's killing might be good news in one other regard. I hope it represents a concession by the Obama administration that the view the Left has championed for years—that terrorism is just a "law enforcement" issue—is fundamentally wrong.
This is a war. Now at least one of the administration's legal opinions admits that fact.
In our documentary America at Risk: The War With No Name, Callista and I discussed the refusal of the Left to speak honestly about the enemy we are at war with. Our number one example in that movie was Major Hasan, the Fort Hood Shooter inspired by Alwaki. The section on Alwaki below shows exactly why we must consider this a war:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2Of36qzZ7M
The ACLU and others accusing the President are in complete denial about the nature of the threat we face. American citizenship cannot be used as protection with which to wage war against America.

I couldn’t agree more.  Why Dr. Paul continues to blast this War on Terror is anyone’s guess. But I have seen it enough now; Paul would rather blame America for 9/11 than admit we have an enemy in radical Islam. Even as recently as the first Presidential debate this fall, Paul claimed we are the reason we were attacked on 9/11. Have you checked out who some of his financial supporters are?  Neo-nazis and Islamic organizations. So is he on their side, because they give him money? Or are they on his side because of his radical ideology?  Which came first the chicken or the egg?

I have posted the link below previously on my blog.  It is an old article, but the truth in it remains the same.  Rather than see a change in Dr. Paul, or any behavior or facts to disprove what this article claims, I continue to see Paul’s actions and statements reinforce what the author of this article states:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Few Rare Men - Made in America

I guess everyone knows that songs can be downloaded to ones cell phone as "ring tones" and "ring backs".  My family hasn't gotten real crazy with this latest fad, but both Matt and I have downloaded our favorite song as a "ring back" which allows someone to listen to music while waiting for us to answer our phones.  Matt has also downloaded a few songs as "ring tones".  He likes to pick a song that makes him think of the person that would be calling him. For instance, he has picked out a song for me, one for his dad, and maybe one for another friend or two.

When I heard the song Matt picked for his dad, it really warmed my heart. It's exactly who his daddy is....I really, really like the words of this song.  I like it even more that it makes my son think of his dad.  It makes me think of my dad, too.

Toby Keith, I'm sure, wrote this song for his own daddy; but once again Toby hit hearts directly and personally with words that are nothing short of patriotic poetry and pure truth about a few men that are becoming more and more rare, it seems:

Made in America

Written by: Toby Keith, Bobby Pinson & Gregory Scott Reeves

My old man’s that old man
Spent his life livin’ off the land
Dirty hands and a clean soul
It breaks his heart seein’ foreign cars
Filled with fuel that isn’t ours
And wearin’ cotton, we didn’t grow.

He’s got the red, white, blue
Flyin’ high on the farm
Semper fi tattooed on his left arm
Spends a little more in the store for a tag
In the back that says “USA”
He won’t buy nothin’ that he can’t fix
With WD-40 and a Craftsman wrench
He ain’t prejudice, he’s just
Made in America.

He loves his wife; she’s that wife
That decorates on the 4th of July
But says, “Every day is Independence Day”
She’s golden rule, teaches school
Some folks say it isn’t cool
But she says the “Pledge of Allegiance” any way.

He’s got the red, white, blue
Flyin’ high on the farm
Semper fi tattooed on his left arm
Spend a little more in the store for a tag
In the back that says “USA”
He won’t buy nothin’ that he can’t fix
With WD-40 and a Craftsman wrench
He ain’t prejudice, he’s just
Made in America.

Born in the heartland
Raised up a family
On King James and Uncle Sam

He’s got the red, white, blue
Flyin’ high on the farm
Semper fi tattooed on his left arm
Spend a little more in the store for a tag
In the back that says “USA”
He won’t buy nothin’ that he can’t fix
With WD-40 and a Craftsman wrench
He ain’t prejudice, he’s just
Made in America

Made in America
Made in America
Yeah, my old man’s that old man
Made in America

Yep! I like it. Ha!  My son's made in America, too - "raised on King James and Uncle Sam."
I'm hoping for no tattoes, though!  ;-)

Official Video here, and well worth a look!