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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fingernail Moon - Spending Treasure - X

He walked out into the cool, crisp morning air, but I stopped at the screen door, waiting for him to say good-bye.  It was early and I could see from the front door that the grass was layered in frost.

“Come’re, Ma! He said looking back over his shoulder, as he motioned me outside. “It’s so beautiful!”  So at this encouragement, I followed him outside and down the walk.  “Doesn’t it feel great!” he continued.  “Look at that fingernail moon”, he stated as he pointed to a small sliver of the moon still lingering in the early morning, autumn sky.

He was right! Everything was so beautiful; so still, fresh and clear, despite a low layer of fog hanging around, dressing the foliage in burka like coverings, exposing very little of what it was behind the shroud.  Oh my!  How I love that my son pauses often to appreciate the beauty of nature, but also that he is always so willing to share it with me.

He has always done that; ever since he was just a little tyke.  It is one of the things I love most about my son.  “Come see, Mom!” “Come hear”; “Come look”.  It has always been that way.  It is always heartfelt moments from him, and heart-warming experiences for me.

I was so glad he encouraged me to share the beauty with him, this morning.  I would have missed it. He stopped to snap a picture, as I walked out to get the morning paper.  Yes! I do love autumn, once my whining about the summer season being too short is behind me. 

I enjoy harvesting the garden and cleaning up the residue, and tilling the soil nicely so it will be ready for spring.  I love the sunsets and sunrises, that just seem to be more extreme during these shorter days of fall.  I love putting away the garden hoses, and the outdoor tables and chairs.  And I love that there is a nice wood pile chopped and ready to burn. 

I had my favorite kind of day, today - simply being home.  I read; I wrote; I studied.  I cleaned a little, and I relaxed in the sun shining through my living room windows. I finished canning the last of my slowly, ripened tomatoes just so that I would feel that I had at least done something constructive.  I even wrapped a Christmas present.  The holidays will be here sooner than we know, and I am trying to be more prepared this year. I started dinner; then, I went out to feed the horses, pausing to brush them a little so I could enjoy their thick, silky winter coats while I listened to their soft munching. 

The evening is as beautiful as the morning was. The sun setting in the western sky has left a pink cushion separating fluffy silver clouds from the now azure mountains.  The air remains crisp and cold. It remains quiet; it remains still.  I love where I live. I love that the animals are fed, and dinner is in the oven for my family. In just a little bit, we will be talking about things that took place since we have been apart…laughing, and sharing; sometimes complaining; listening.  

The busyness and workload of the summer is behind us, and the preparations for winter are done.  The busy holiday season is not yet upon us, and today was what it feels like autumn is all about - rest, after preparation.  I love that settling in feeling. The day that I spent at home today just seemed to exemplify all of that.

I could almost bet that in a few hours my son will be calling me to come see something funny on the computer or television.  He will stop to look out the window searching the evening sky, and I know I won’t be too busy to stop to take a peak at a fingernail moon.

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  1. love this! :) Autumn is one of my favorite seasons too