"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to Normal

All is peaceful and still. The sun is shining brightly through my living room windows, revealing a light layer of day old snow on the otherwise brown pasture and lawn.  Though I am still in my robe, (yeah, I like cozy) the horses are fed and watered, munching contentedly on their breakfast.
Belle Amore

Everyone else remains sleeping and I won’t wake them. The holidays tend to wear on ones energy, even if they are joyous, celebratory occasions.  So my guys will get extra sleep today, before they start their new week.

My lab is now submissively lying at my feet, after fetching her new Christmas bone for me a time or two when I came in from feeding the horses.  The beagle is like the other two guys; having still not moved from his comfortable bed, complete with coverings.

It’s been a wonderful Christmas season; filled with all the things I love: family; friends; shopping; Christmas parties; church services; and even some old fashioned caroling and quiet, evening drives to see the extremes in outdoor holiday decorations. With these decorations, one can almost always tell who is celebrating the birth of our Lord, and I never seem to tire of saying, “Oh!  Look at that one!”

The weather this winter, in my opinion, could not be more perfect.  I don’t ever remember a December with so much sunshine.  The temperatures have been mild and the snow, enough to give us a taste of winter’s beauty, but not so much that we tire of shoveling and driving slick roads.
Christmas Party

I’ve heard from almost all of the people I love to hear from this time of year.  You know; the ones that you hold dear, deep within your heart, but with whom time and miles have now limited visits to only once a year – now, is that time of year.

Christmas Treat

Things will mostly get back to normal soon. Another week and “normal” will be in full swing. That would be our prayer, anyway. Having said “normal” is our prayer: Yes, I understand “normal” will not be without stress; some strife and challenges that require us to rely heavily on our Savior. “Normal” will not be without learning, lessons in life, and welcoming the unknown that arrives at our threshold. “Normal” is hopefully staying on the path our God has planned for us; working at those things for which we have been graciously equipped for just the right moment; and running the race set before us – choosing priorities in the proper order. “Normal”, we understand, will be what is best for us, if we simply “trust and obey”. Obedience and trust, we also pray, will never be ignored or forgotten.

Normal will be laughter and tears, conflict and peace; "normal” will be wins and losses; pain and joy; and probably more than a few frustrations, but which are hopefully trumped by love. With “normal” we have victory, and because of a miraculous birth and a cold, cruel cross which lead to a glorious Resurrection, "normal" is without defeat.

With that in mind, we gratefully look forward and welcome 2012 and the miraculous we find in "back to normal."

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