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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Courageous with Friends

We had a day in town running errands and following through with civic obligations. Finally finished with our duties, we were about to head home, when my son decided to use the drive home to follow through on a phone call to a friend to confirm plans they had made to go to a movie.

As I drove, I couldn’t help but hear his conversation as he sat in the passenger seat next to me.

“Hey, TB! We still on for tomorrow night?”  There was a distinct pause, letting me know Matt had made his connection and TB was answering his question.

“Yeah, the others can’t go after all.” (Pause) You’d rather go tonight?”  (Pause) “Sure, that’ll work.” (Pause)

As I listened, I could tell Matthew was really trying to get to the point and get things done. TB must have been at work or in the middle of something, because it was obvious he didn’t have a lot of time to talk. I could tell by Matthew’s responses that he understood TB was in a hurry and Matthew wanted to accommodate him.

“Ok, well I will call for tonight’s times and call you right back” (pause)

As the two men were about to finish their conversation, I heard Matt ask with surprise, “What?! What did you say, TB?”  (Laughter; hearty laughter) I was listening more intently now; I had a feeling I knew what had been said.

Courageous with Friends
“Did you just have a Courageous moment?!” Matt laughingly asked.

Bingo! Just as I suspected! TB had just expressed his affections, albeit accidentally, to the wrong person on the other end of the phone - in this case, Matthew.

I laughed, too. I loved this!  I loved that I knew Matt’s friend well enough to know exactly what happened.  I loved that I knew TB’s family well enough that I knew why it happened. And I love that my son, his friends and I all have enough in common that I understood everything simply when I heard the comment “Courageous moment".  Rather, I knew even before that comment!  I, in fact, knew (pretty confidently, at least) at “WHAT?!”

Most of you will know, too.  If not, I highly recommend the movie Courageous.

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