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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dancing Around the Box

I was kind of hoping to wake up to spring, today.  I’ve been hoping for that for some time, now. It didn’t happen though. I woke up to snow; only about an inch or two, but everything is covered in white. I slept later than usual, but I knew early on we had more winter, when I heard my son talking to a friend about the early morning hike he and several of his buddies had planned. 

“I just looked outside!” he exclaimed. “And we have snow! It’s ok; we will go anyway. It’s beautiful!” 

 I just went back to sleep; hiding deeper under the covers.

I know spring is coming, however. I know, because I saw my first bluebird a couple of days ago. Later that day though, it snowed – a lot!  The day after that snow, I heard my first meadowlark, and it was music to my ears. That’s probably an understatement. The meadowlark’s warble is better than music. Which came first? Music or the Meadowlark? 

Mountain in the Snow
A day or two ago, Matthew cleaned out my bluebird box for me.  And yesterday when I returned from my duties away from home, 3 or 4 bluebirds were dancing around the only bluebird box I have left.  Actually, I guess I do have another box on the side of the house, but the bluebirds don't usually nest there.  Last year, however, the bluebirds were successful in acquiring that box. It would really be nice if they would nest there this year, too. 

The snow is hanging on today. I thought by this time it would be melted away leaving the brown grass exposed. Yes! This time of year, brown is better than white, because I know then, that green won’t be far away. But no, we have no green yet. It’s ok; I know it won’t be long. The meadowlark reminded me of that fact, when I went out to feed the horses this morning.

Oh, well. It’s only winter for a little while; and yes, parts of it are very beautiful. But sometimes it seems winter has had an awfully long run.  It’s ok; I know someday soon, we will wake up into spring. I know because the bluebirds are dancing around their box.


  1. ohh goodness I hope its close! During that really warm day about a week ago, we washed the bed sheets and let them dry on the line. How lovely it was to crawl in the bed that night and smell authentic linen fresh sheets during March in the Pacific Northwest! :D

  2. Love, Love Love that, Rachel! We got a definate taste of spring and then more winter...ha ha...I guess it won't be long, now. :-)