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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Glaze to Shine

My son recently received the very thoughtful gift of a cook book, pan and utensils that he will be able to use in his newly chosen career. It is The New Firefighter's Cook Book by John Sineno. The moment he showed me the gift, I knew it was the perfect thing for him. 
Today, I got such enjoyment watching him try out one of the recipes in the cookbook, making the recipe a little bit larger so that he could take the dish down to the fire house to share with the other guys on duty before a meeting that was scheduled. He let me try a sample before he left, and I have to tell you, it was absolutely amazing! 

The recipes included in the book are easy to make; manly and stout enough for a working man's appetite; but still a bit gourmet. I have had such a good time, just looking through the recipes and finding a few that I would like to make for myself from time to time.

Also included in the book, are stories of firefighters and other words of encouragement for men and women in this profession. Toward the back of the book is a beautiful poem written to memorialize a deceased firefighter.  It was one of the first things Matt showed me in the book when he recieved it, and I could tell the prose greatly moved him.  It touched me, too.  I know of at least one other friend whose heart will also most likely recognize "the shine". I am proud of our sons.

I love the poem because it reveals the desires of a parent who simply want to raise and equip their child to be able to be all that he or she wants to be, while trusting the Lord to help direct the path necessary to bring that child to the place that will be best for the desires of his heart.

Recipe for a Firefighter
In Memory of Captain James F. McDonnell

Active Play        Humility
Humor               Courage                                                                
Wisdom             Patience                      
Endurance         Glaze of Love

Set aside a small child.
     Sprinkle generously with active play to mold a strong body.
     Add liberally, stirring slowly, huge handfuls of humor - a firefighter will not jell without it.
     Watch carefully for approximately 13 years until the child turns into a spirited youth.
     Add the seeds of wisdom that only grow through youthful trial and error.
     Knead continuously through the teen years until endurance is blended with strength.
     Add slowly the yeast of humility.
     Set aside for 3 or 4 years, allowing the dough time to rise and double.
     Call in master chefs with the recipe engraved upon their hearts for the final work.
     Punch down the fully risen dough to shape the loaf.
     Roll carefully, using the rolling pin of training on the well-floured board of discipline.
     Blend in the rare spice of courage found hidden between the leaves of foolishness and cowardice that is only purchased with the gold of sacrifice.
     Shape the loaf with care, and brush with the glaze of love to make them shine.
     It is this glaze of love for human life that makes them what they are.  The love that makes them stand and risk life, health, and security for strangers until their job is done, and they hear these precious words:
     "Well done-good and faithful servant."

NOTE:  Firefighters are prepared and blended only over many years. 

                                          ~Betty Lines
                                            December 1985

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