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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Name Is Jan....

Hi. My name is Jan, and I am a coffeeholic. I just reached full understanding of that fact this morning. I am now able to admit it.

I have been out of coffee at my house for two days, now. I didn’t worry too much about it at first, because I was getting up early and going straight to work, where my first task of the day would be to make coffee. It wouldn’t be long before I would smell the rich, aroma and have my first cup. So I didn’t need it here at my house on those days.

Today though, is my day off; I reminded myself to be sure to pick up coffee when I went into town yesterday after I finished work.  I got busy, however, and it got much later than I had planned; I completely forgot to pick up coffee. As I was unlocking the door to the house last night, the thought hit me like a sledgehammer. Oh no!!  I forgot to get coffee!!  I looked at the time: 11:02 pm.  All the stores were closed; it would be too late to go get any so that I might have my morning pot…er, uh…cup...my morning cup!  Ok. OK! Whatever! My morning pot!  I always drink a morning pot!

Almost my first thought this morning was: NOOOOOO!  I have no coffee! So as I went about my morning routine, I contemplated what I should do.  I had no car today, either. There is no espresso shack, or grocery store within walking distance. I realized I was simply out of luck and would have to go without my morning brew. 

Disgruntled, I tried to think if there was anything at all that I could do. I knew I had about 1 tablespoon of coffee left. No where near enough to make a pot, but if I was careful I bet I could figure out a way to use that tablespoon of dark, rich, black gold.
Make-Shift Melitta

Walking back to the house from feeding the horses, it hit me! I remembered how much I enjoyed my first cup of coffee while I was staying at my mom’s.  I would be the only one drinking it at her house, and while there, I always woke before anyone else. Therefore, I always quietly made myself a cup from her Melitta.  It was always soooooo good!

I knew I had once owned a Melitta, years ago; but doubted I would be able to find it, even if I did still have it. After some thought, I realized I could just put a filter over my coffee mug, boil up some water and pour it carefully over the tablespoon of coffee I had placed in the filter. I had already ground the coffee a bit finer, believing fine grounds make the coffee a bit stronger and richer. If I was very careful, I knew I could pour the water slow enough so as not to make the coffee too weak.

I carefully started to pour the boiling water over the coffee.  Oh duh! The now wet filter quickly sunk to the bottom of the cup.  Ok, that wouldn’t work; my coffee grounds would be everywhere, and they would also loose their intensity needed to make a good, strong cup.

Think, think, think!  What could I use?  My canning funnel!! That should work. I eagerly got the funnel out of the cupboard, but soon realized because the opening was much larger than that of a Melitta, my filter would still sink. 

But where there is a will there is a way! I got out my scotch tape and carefully taped the filter to the funnel. 

That’s when it hit me!  I am an addict!  If I am taking this much effort improvising, to make a cup of coffee, I must be a coffeeholic! 

Nevertheless, I continued.  I slowly poured the boiling water over the grounds. When I saw the crema come to the top, I knew I would have success.  I let the coffee dribble to the bottom of the cup, checking it periodically to make sure the color was right, and that I wasn’t making it too weak.  Oh, yum!  I was able to get more liquid than I thought I would with this small amount of coffee. Not a full cup, but morning coffee just the same!!  Ahhhhh....

I’m happy now!  There see; I’m not addicted!  I’m going to be just fine!  After all, I have coffee!

Black Gold


  1. That is hilarious! And sounds just like something I would do. Necessity is the mother of invention, you know.

  2. Ha ha Thanks, Karla..It sure is! And sometimes it works! ;-)