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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ahhh Childhood - Spending Treasure

I walked out to get the morning paper after feeding the horses. It had been raining relentlessly the last few days, and the mud had not only built up around the barn, but puddles of water also lay intermittently throughout the drive way. I had my muck boots on, and a walk through the water in the driveway to clean off my boots was just a little too tempting.

As I splashed through the water, I was reminded of my friend from work who had just the day before been lamenting the fact that her five year old grandson, simply couldn’t stay out of the mud puddles when he was outside playing. I smiled at the thought; and for a moment I had a five year old heart myself as I moved my boots up and down the puddle attempting to clean off the mud. It felt good to be here, because I was also remembering moments of my childhood when I also couldn’t seem to stay out of the mud puddles.

I remember a time in my life when I was probably about eight or nine; I wanted a raincoat in the worst way. I had been watching Secret Agent Man or some equivalent on the television and probably reading too many mystery books. I connected a raincoat with being a private eye, or detective.  I wanted the raincoat, not so much to play in the rain, as I did to play detective.

Anyway, it wasn’t long and a package came in the mail from my grandma. It wasn’t Christmas or anyone’s birthday; it was just a thoughtful gift from my maternal grandpa and grandma.  When the package was opened, I was delighted! What was inside? Raincoats!  There was one for each of my siblings and me, if I remember correctly.  Mine was a sky blue color, it was beautiful and it fit perfectly.  

I still remember the first rainy day that I was able to go out and play in my new raincoat. I don’t remember a thing about my imaginative play as detective, but I don’t think I will ever forget the delightful, wonderful feel of my brand new slicker! With the warm spring rain pouring down on me,  I splashed in the puddles while the wind blew creating just the right atmosphere I had been awaiting.

Ahhh! Childhood!

So splashing in puddles is not the only thing I have been doing of late. Picking up on that mystery theme, I also recently decided I would reread some of my old childhood mystery novels - Trixie Belden to be exact. I guess my previous posts put me in that mood; as well as a desire to remove myself briefly from reality. I found myself wanting to get lost in that series, or at least something that wouldn't require much thought. What’s going on with this second childhood phase, I seem to be experiencing!

To top things off, a few days ago, I spent an afternoon mindlessly coloring in an old coloring book that I came across while cleaning or something.  Ok, whatever!  I didn’t just randomly come across it, I sought it out. I knew just where it was as well as a bag of fairly new crayons I had been keeping for just such an occasion.  I had the urge to color…I wanted to vegetate, I wanted to relax. Sometimes life just requires it, doesn’t it?

I can’t think of anything much more mindless, than coloring, can you?

Hmmm, Ok well maybe splashing in puddles would fit that category best.
Maybe tomorrow, I will write about grown up things...well, or maybe not just yet.

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  1. Oh, Jan! I love Trixie Belden... and coloring... So do my girls. Isn't that fun?