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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Change of Plans

I should have known my plans would be changed today. I knew the weather man had predicted overnight snow. Matt came home and said he heard we were supposed to get 19 inches over night.  Having been born and raised here, I knew full-well that was possible…but in the back of my mind I thought, “Oh, he must have meant in the mountains.”

Not so. We woke up to an unofficial report of 14 inches overnight. At least 14 inches I would say!!  We already had 10 – 12 inches, so needless to say we feel like winter has arrived.

Our Navajo Princess
I had plans of staying in, building a fire, finishing my Christmas cards and wrapping the last of my gifts.  I had hopes of doing a bit of house cleaning, and then maybe curling up by the fire with a good book…Maybe Charles Dickens', A Christmas Carol; or maybe I would simply put in that old movie with George C. Scott, that I have had intentions of doing all season.

I might still get to all of that, but there are obviously some necessary interruptions, first.

When I went out side to feed the horses this morning a wave of nostalgia came over me.  The air was fresh, but still filled with snow flakes; the drifts made the two feet snow even deeper in some places. Ahhh, this is the calm after the storm. I couldn’t help but reminisce:  This would have been a no school day, and just for a second or two, I remembered exactly how that felt.  Pure treasure!
"And Here We Have Idaho..."
The horses were mellow this morning; it was as if even they felt the peace of the newly fallen snow; the quiet that it seemed to bring. Bella was in heaven, frolicking and begging me to play. Snap a few pictures, I told myself…you will want to blog after-all.

But, after the 20 minutes or so, of enjoying winter, reality set in.  I had better get to work. I went in and woke Matt early. He would have some chores to do before heading off to work in the city. 
Photos will tell the story best. And I have a lot more work to do if I am going to get to that movie by the fire.

My newspaper found the snow plow.
Our Winter Wonder Land
While I'm taking a break to blog and share my photos with you, I decided I would also share this photo of my African Violet...actually my sister's African Violet...It seems to like Christmas:

Oh and the Candy? Little Elves brought it to us the other day. It is absolutely the best I have ever eaten! And that is no exaggeration. Matt agreed.
Bythe way...it's still snowing!

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  1. Those same little elves have been at my house. I have to say, I'm happy they are spreading the joy! My waistline sure doesn't need it!

    We didn't get as much snow as you, of course, but it's fun to finally have a real snow. I don't mind if it wants to stick around a week or two, but after New Year's, I'm done. Ready for spring! ;-)