"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Someone I know rites in riddles.  I really, really like it. Its fun to see what might be revealed.  I try to understand, and discern. I try to unravel.  Most the time I fail…sometimes I know.  But I almost always like it; so just for today, I thought I would write with wriddles, too. “Imitation is the highest form of respect”...or something like that. So here we go…just for today.

Someone had the right idea: a rest in the sun rejuvenates. We all need to be rejuvenated now and then…sometimes it’s simply time. 

Christmas lights and all things bright sparkle through the years. Cards arrive and tell of changes since the last time that we shared. But a read between the lines, sometimes, reveals not-so-hidden tears.

A dream seems to be continually brought to fruition. But I sense it is almost time to sit down. Weary, we continue; attacked, we fight back. I will welcome the chair with sadness, but I know I will not wait in the wasteland.  I will not join those that mock; but will eventually watch in silent anticipation, knowing the time has come. I look up. It is almost time.

Talk is cheap, that’s why it is so plentiful. The levels continue to chatter - none hearing a single word. “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”  I cannot come down. With prayer, I continue the watch on the wall.

One reaches adulthood at 13, but longs for the simplicity of youth. It dies once again in perfect rhythmic compression. Some things are meant to be; some things are stolen; sometimes it’s simply time. We continue to believe in action.

Two hearts respectfully declined and that behind bronze is bravely brought to bare. I betray an unspoken confidence to protect another heart most precious. He knew I would. All knew I should. Two hearts, too deep, just yet…time will eventually meet. It is almost time.

A joyous visit from little elves enables me to meet a neighbor with a heart like the way things used to be…help from a stranger and contagious bays are the warmth of the day. I knew it would be so, as I watched from a distance the way he cares for his beasts...

I’ve spoiled the babies; they won’t eat lest they have their dessert first. J

I enjoy images from the past. Hours upon hours; even days upon days; so much so, it probably becomes a bit silly. Striving for perfection becomes an oblivious obsession. Out of order isn't the same, but it is with what we are left.

The goodies are plentiful; too wonderful; too much…I have definitely had my fill.

Numbers are up, praise on our lips; but we request higher still, with nothing more to add.

Prayer covers the threshold. It is not the memories that bring us here, but memories flood my soul. From past to present, I sit where it seems I always have sat. Images from long ago run through my head.  "I love everybody." as one walks down the aisle. “The church will have to change.” a lecture from the heart. The words reverberate from the past. Indeed, it has changed. It is appropriate, I guess. But, more importantly, the scarlet thread runs through. Some things will never change. I can still see the aged hand raised in praise and love, a gentle heart smiling as a shepherd guards his flock by night, heads bowed in humble prayer, singing from generation to generation –some off-key; others not; holding hands with the saints of old…the Scarlet Thread weaves through. The Constant is still the Constant.

Two hours is all that I can wait. I waited too long today. It’s all lovely, if you have nowhere to be. That is the way it is today.

We are not nobody. That doesn’t mean we are somebody. We are the ones that are there. We try to keep what’s great. We are trying “to hold fast to that which is good”…while there is still time.

“I’m a Pepper; you’re a Pepper; he’s a Pepper, too!”  I/we may simply do things differently than you.

A parable marked in someone’s Bible, brings much-needed comfort – Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding has been more than worth it. Parables for the moment…lessons for the centuries.

Prayer is the threshold. Jesus is the Way. He carries us one more day. Surely, it is time.

Here’s to a Fresh Cup of Mercy and a Goblet of Grace in 2013!

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