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Monday, March 11, 2013

Coming Home

I heard my first meadowlark, today! Yey!! Whenever I walk outside now, that will be one of the first sounds I hear for the next few months. Yey! They are back! I like to think they have come home.

The fog was settled over the pastures this morning, but it is already rising. It is going to be a beautiful, spring day with glorious sunshine.  As I fed the horses, I heard not just one beautiful warble, but many from the meadowlarks that are now here again to brighten my day.

But the horses were distracted today. The pig is back!

Did I tell you about the pig?  Several weeks ago, I noticed the horses gazing east, on high alert.

I went to the east window to see what they might be seeing.  I expected to see someone riding, or maybe even a moose. But what I saw was a big, fat pig sauntering north down the middle of the road.

I watched him for a few moments, as he proceeded to turn west onto our road - exactly like he had a destination in mind. Now we do live in a farming community, and almost everyone has cows, pigs, chickens and horses.  But I don't often see a pig taking control of the roads.  I may see a loose horse now and then, or even a cow; but never a pig.

I ran back to the house to get my camera. It was so comical, I wanted to get the pig on camera. He was much closer to my driveway, by the time I returned and I thought it would be an easy shot.  He picked up his pace, however, and I decided not to wait for the shot. I ran back to safety. I am smart enough to know they can be mean. I went inside and watched from the kitchen window.  The inquisitive fellow followed me right up to the gate, and kept nudging it with his nose as if to come in.  The horses were displaying their disapproval.  Porky wandered around the yard awhile then headed back down the driveway. That's when I decided I could take the shot.

Porky - Headed Home
He was headed into the woods.  Turned out he knew exactly where he was going; he was headed home. He belongs to the neighbors across the street, but he had been on an outing a good way from where he belonged, before he decided it was time to return.

He is making his presence known again today, but at least on his own side of the fence this time. My horses don't particularly care for this neighbor and they always let me know.

Oh but wait, this post was supposed to be about Meadowlarks....Ok, well maybe my post is really about coming home. ;-)

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