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Friday, May 10, 2013

3 C's: Coffee, Charmin and Chickadee's

Oh man! Who could that be? I asked myself shaking myself from sleep. The phone was playing one of my favorite tunes, but it wasn’t very enjoyable right now. I looked at the screen to see who was calling.  Oh wow! Friends we hadn’t heard from in a while.

It was early; but it wasn’t that early. Normally, we would be awake and breakfast over by this time. But it had been a rough few weeks and I was beat. I had already been up once to get some things done, but I decided it was just too early, so I went back to bed for just a bit longer.  When the phone rang I had slept longer than I intended. It was now 8:45 AM and I was going to be caught unprepared despite being happy to see the two morning visitors.
“Just let me jump in the shower,” I told them.  “Give me about half an hour”? 
“OK” they obliged me. “We will take a drive down to the lake.”

“Company’s coming.” I told my husband who had also decided to take the opportunity to catch up on some much needed z’s.  “Will you go up to the little store to get coffee? We are completely out. I forgot to pick some up when I was in town.”

I jumped in the shower; then got busy at picking up the house - to the extent that I could get done in 30 minutes, anyway. It had been an intense couple of months and things were slowly falling apart around here…no groceries; the house a disaster; the yard almost as bad; and of course that’s when company comes!!

But forget coffee??  Not sure how that ever could have happened.  Now there are two things that I don’t scrimp on when buying groceries: That would be Charmin and Coffee.  Yes, coffee deserves a capital “C”!  Well almost... ;-)
I knew the little store wouldn’t have the kind of coffee I normally buy, so I told my husband to look for that “local brand of roasted beans” that I had seen in the store.  We hadn’t really liked it before, but someone told me the other day it was pretty good, so I thought maybe it would be worth another try; maybe they had improved.
“Alright” he answered agreeably. He preferred the freshness of a locally roasted bean as well.
But when he returned home he had Folgers! Yikes!  Is this what we have come to???
God help us!  And Lord, PLEASE! No matter how busy I get; don’t ever let me forget the Charmin!

HOWEVER...Look at the surprise I found on my camera after shooting the Folger's pic. Matt had taken it one morning when I was out mowing the lawn and then left it on the camera for me to find later. Look closely...It's a Chickadee taking a bath in my Cowboy fountain! 

 So, so sweet. It brought such a smile. A fount of refreshing...to go another mile.  ;-)

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