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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Whiskey It Is!!

“I will not feed him. I will not feed him. I will not!!!”  The last thing I need around here is another cat. I am trying to grow birds, for crying out loud! It’s that time in my life that I want birds, instead!!  NO more cats!!

So I kept telling myself all summer long. But he/she/it kept crying out to me.  Ok…well maybe just some water…It’s hot outside. He needs water, at the very least. Just some water….and a little milk.

It satisfied him. After he drank all that he wanted, he left to go play with the rabbits and whatever else it is he does.

I had noticed in recent days that the rabbits (which are also strays that wandered in) and the cat seem to be the best of friends.  They all hang out together, sleep together, play together – seemingly love and count on each other.

A couple weeks later, I heard the mournful meow again. My little buddy - that I most certainly do not want - is back, I thought. He needs milk and he needs water. Throughout the summer, this soon became a pattern. He only showed up when he seemed to be desperate…maybe when the hunting had failed, or the sprinklers had not left a puddle from which he could drink. He only returned about every two weeks, but I couldn’t help myself; when he made his appearance I always offered water and milk. On one drizzly day, I offered moistened dog food. It was all I had, and he seemed extra hungry that rainy day. I carefully placed the dish under the car, allowing him to remain dry from the rain while he ate. As well, this place from under the car was where he had always called out to me. I knew he felt safe there.

Eventually, he didn’t run as I approached, but only remained watchful to be certain that I didn’t come too close. Today, he actually ran to meet me when he saw that I had heard his call.  And as I offered the milk, he let me pet him as he drank.

Well doggone it, I guess I have another cat. My first inclination of that fact was one day when my family had dropped me off from a road trip we had taken together. When my sister pulled into the driveway there was "kitty" and "bunny" playing alongside the fence.

“Who’s cat?” my sister asked.

Ugh…I thought, hesitant to answer. “Mine, I guess.” I had begrudgingly answered.

“What’s his name?”

“I didn’t name him.” I had responded. But I had almost told her that his name was “Whiskey.”  I caught myself from saying that thinking my folks would not understand - I did not want them to think I was promoting “strong drink”.  It wasn’t that at all. I knew that the name "Whiskey" had just popped into my head when asked, because of something that had happened years ago. When we were still in our old house, we had a stray that we had dubbed “Moonshine.”  It was a symbolic thing for me. Moonshine, was made in secret, sold illegally, probably at night from what the name reveals. That just seemed to fit the little black kitty that seemed to appear when he thought no one was looking. Moonshine…it fit.  And so it was when asked about this cat, which had showed up in a similar set of circumstances, the name “Whiskey” was what popped into my mind. I have never named my pets the same name of a previous pet, so I just came up with something close when asked what the newest stray cat's name was.

Whatever! I have always been told I have a mind that works in mysterious ways.

So Whiskey it is! Catchy title for my post, too! Bet that will get the attention of some of my blog readers. J
And doggone it all…I am starting to love Whiskey - the cat.

I am starting to realize Whiskey is probably a girl. Calico boys are very rare.
She/he/it actually came to me today, purring and rubbing her head on my hand after this photo -
for probably 5 minutes or so.
Yep! I have another cat!

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