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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Roll On Winter Doldrums

I finished all my work outside for the evening - stacking firewood, feeding the horses and then feeding the new cat - just as my neighbor pulled into the driveway. He was dropping a few supplies by for some work he is doing for us; so I stopped for a moment to visit with him. I must have sounded a bit forlorn, because he quickly asked me, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah", I just as quickly answered, but I didn't know what my answer should be, any further than that. I didn't really know why I was out of sorts, and I felt bad that my neighbor had picked up on it. Shame on me!

Anyway, I finished a few more things outside after he left, then decided I needed to come in, sit down at the computer and blog about my love hate/relationship with winter. Maybe the new snow was my attitude problem. As I walked into the house I said out loud to myself, "But in a way, I kind of love winter! How come I feel like this?"

No matter. I didn't need to figure out any of that just now. I had checked my email before going to my blog and there was a message from my son. No words; just a music video to listen to. I read the title. It was a song by two of my favorite artists, performing a song by another favorite artist of mine from long ago.

I smiled...just reading who I would be listening to warmed my heart. My son knows me. Just the thought of him thinking of me when he saw this video and then caring enough to send me the link chased my winder doldrums away....at least for a little while. And it has kept everyone else from having to read about my love/hate relationship with winter. Instead, enjoy Neal McCoy with Trace Adkins performing a song by one of the best country music artists ever, Charley Pride.

Yeah, it made me cry...the lyrics, the melody, the talent, the trio, the thought, the kindness...childhood dreams...reliving the memory....maybe, it "made me feel like a child again"....
And then I smiled; and listened again and again. I listened to the instruments, I listened to the words, I took in their voices. I listened with my eyes open, I listened with my eyes closed....try it..."torn overalls, cane pole and old straw hats"..."childhood dreams I grew up on." "World spinning around, too fast for me, I need a place to dream." Ah, summer...big fat sigh..."barefoot and fancy free". I'll enjoy winter, tomorrow...Right now, I'm going to listen one more time to my kind of music. :-)
Neal with Trace singing Charlie. That's a whole lot of Pride, right there. It doesn't get any better than this. ;-)  Roll on!
Thanks, Son!

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