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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Angel Wings

We love our pets, don't we? We sure do. Cats, dogs, horses, birds - whatever the case may be. So when one is no longer with us or has died, I think it is probably pretty normal to miss them and think of them often. I know I do.

I have had many dogs throughout my life and I have loved them all. I suppose I really couldn’t pick a favorite. I just love dogs.  But there is one that has continued to visit me in my dreams as I sleep. Now I know for sure this dog was not my favorite; though she did go everywhere with me when she was alive.

She was a small, black Pomeranian/Japanese Chin mix. She was tiny, smaller than most cats. And she definitely had a personality all her own. But mostly, she just liked to be left alone. I had a dream about her just the other night, and it reminded me of a dream I had had about her, shortly after she died.  I mentioned this dream in the book I wrote about my father’s life, because it so perfectly described my dad’s wit. Below is the excerpt from In the Slipstream:
Dad also has a great sense of humor. He can be very witty and often times he comes up with just the right quip at just the right time.  One afternoon Matthew, Dad, Mom, and I decided to take in a game of golf at a local golf course.  Dad became an avid golfer after he retired.  When we finished the 9 holes, we sat down at the club house patio to have a cold Pepsi.  We were visiting as Mom was adding up scores....Dad asked what his score totaled and it was a pretty nice number. Then as Mom commented on the outcome of my miserable score with the intentions of making me feel better, I quickly spoke up, "Ssssshhhh, don't say that too loud." I got a good laugh from everyone.

Conversation soon changed to the dogs that were playing on the lawn around us and I was reminded of my little dog, Bear that I recently had to put to sleep.  I started telling them about the dream I had just had of Bear coming back to life and flying in with angel wings.... Dad quickly quipped with a smile, "Ssssshhhhh, don't say that too loud."  It was so, so funny, perfect delivery and timing; and Mom and I laughed until we both had tears.  I still laugh at that each time I think of it.
Ok so I love that! I laughed again as I prepared this blog post. It is simply a warm-hearted memory for me. I decided to post this little story because of the dream I had last night. The new dream is a continuation of the old. And that makes me smile.

But actually I woke up crying with the more recent dream. I guess because it really made me miss my little Bear-Bear – that was my nick-name for Bear. Funny how we find nicknames for our pets that are shorter if it is a long nickname and we pick a longer nick-name if the pet has a short name.

Anyway, in this dream, we were at a family gathering, sitting around outside in lawn chairs visiting with one another. I noticed running toward me was a little scraggly white dog. Upon the dog drawing nearer, my youngest sis exclaimed, “It’s Bear-Bear!” just as the little white ragamuffin jumped up into my lap. And don't forget, Bear was black! Not in this dream!

What was so funny was that Bear was still an angel!  Only this time she had turned white and her fur feathery – just exactly as you see angels depicted in old paintings.

I woke in tears missing my little dog. But later when I became fully awake, I smiled.  Are our pets ever really gone from us? I guess so, but oh what joy they offer us in life and nostalgic, warm-hearted memories as the years continue.



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