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Friday, March 6, 2015

Head-Line Grabbers

Recently, Idaho passed the Parental Rights Amendment in the House of Representatives. I wanted to find out a bit more information, so I googled, “Parental Rights bill in Idaho”.

Much to my dismay, the first link that was listed on the Google page was an article from “Raw Story” that basically bashed the Parental Rights efforts in Idaho. They used an extreme head-line to grab attention and the article appeared to be from a conservative source. This is the page that came up: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2015/02/idaho-gops-extreme-parental-rights-bill-opens-door-to-sharia-law-republican-warns/
I was irritated, but I wasn’t really surprised. I have seen this type of thing before. This is a classic example of what is happening in media and over the internet to deceive people. “Raw Story” is a tabloid website that says proudly they are a progressive outlet, which is promoted and supported by liberal media.

Let me show you from Wikipedia, to prevent an appearance of bias:
“The Raw Story is an American online tabloid publication founded in 2004 by John Byrne. It covers current national and international political and economic news and publishes its own editorials and investigative pieces. The Raw Story describes itself as progressive, bringing attention to stories that it sees as downplayed or ignored by other media outlets. It is owned by Washington, D.C.-based Raw Story Media, Inc.
The Raw Story has been reported on and featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, LA Weekly, the New York Post, the Toronto Star, The Hill, Rolling Stone, The Advocate, Roll Call,[1] and Mother Jones.[2] With an average 2.5 million readers per month (2013),[3] the site is described by Newsweek as, "Muck, raked: If you're looking for alleged GOP malfeasance, the folks at rawstory.com are frequently scooping the mainstream media."[4] 
On August 4, 2008 the Online News Association announced that RawStory.com was a finalist in the 2008 Online Journalism awards in the "Liberal, Small Site" category.[5]  
The Raw Story's original reporting has also been referenced by MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell,[7] The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Real Time with Bill Maher and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. It was also referenced in 2011 by The Telegraph newspaper, as being the news website that first revealed a contract had been awarded to Ntrepid by United States Central Command as part of Operation Earnest Voice, intended to deploy operatives to create fake online personas abroad.” *
What this website did with their article is intentionally try to sway the electorate with false statistics and fears. They make it look like a conservative backs a certain idea to try to dissuade true conservatives from supporting a certain bill or political effort. They come up with some conspiracy theory they know conservatives tend to be fearful about, or something that will cause them concern, or perhaps become outraged over. They then succeed in swaying people’s feelings, ideas or attitudes about a certain piece of legislation.

I found this same tactic used several years ago, in a group from Montana that claimed to be pro-2nd Amendment, when in reality they were supported and endorsed by liberals that were seeking to destroy the conservative base of 2nd Amendment supporters in Montana and Idaho.
I have seen it with the pro-life issue. I have seen it used with the vaccine issue. And I have seen it used to attack certain conservative candidates or politicians

We really need to research the sources from anything we read on the internet. It is easy to do. Just google the source and see what you find out. If there is still some confusion, google the author or administrator of the site. Check to see who is supporting it through funds or other articles.
Another really good thing to check if you are unsure what a piece of legislation means – the wording can get so confusing! – is to check to see who supports and who is against the legislation.  If you are conservative, look to see how your representatives voted. If you are liberal, do the same. That alone will tell the story. Here is a link to those that supported this bill in the Idaho house: http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/legislation/2015/H0113.htm

One can see from this link that it is the conservative representatives in the House that supported this bill; and NO one is worried it is going to bring about Sharia law as the article implied. Someone was used and probably misquoted or their words were taken out of context.
Just about any topic one wants to consider is being hi-jacked by the left. This is just one example. Though most are probably already aware this is taking place, it is my hope to call some attention to what is happening as it is increasing in frequency. Abusers seek to put a spin on issues to make it look like it is coming from conservative sources, but they are actually promoting a liberal agenda.. They are playing us all as fools. We need to be alert; use our common sense and check things out fully for ourselves.


*All emphasis is mine.

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