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Thursday, June 11, 2015

"You're Gonna Miss This"...

Oh Shiny!

That’s the punch-line to a joke my son tells. I don’t remember the whole joke, but it’s about someone with ADD who gets distracted while saying something else. It’s a funny joke…wish I could remember it. But that is kinda how this post is going to be. Sidetracked; punch-lines first; rambling; things that don’t fit; in fact, it might seem a little ADOS (Attention Deficit...OH SHINY). But I wasn’t sure how else I would get anything written if I just didn’t sit down and ramble. It is kind of how my life is right now…not ADD, but scattered.

So here goes.

"Roses Roses". It was an Avon fragrance from a long time ago. Maybe from the 1970’s. I’m not sure; maybe Avon even still has it. But I picked up the book, weathered with age, and the fragrance wafted from its pages…"Roses Roses". I knew immediately the scent. I wore it, my mom wore it.  I think my grandma wore it, too. I loved the soft, gentle reminder of days gone by. Days that were much simpler, at least from here it seems they were more simple. It doesn’t feel like that anymore to me.  An old book, and an old scent…aaaahhhh, nice.
TRACE! You came, we saw, you went! It was a treat. I was not disappointed. You’re Gonna Miss This made me cry. Heck, it even makes me cry as I write this. It was beautiful. The younger two with me, didn’t quite get the tears, but someday they will. And then extra special for me was the song you sang which you told us, you didn’t intend to sing; it wasn't on your playlist, "but it sounds pretty good in this old building, so I wanna do this one.” And you did. It was sooo, soooo, beautiful. The acoustics - yeah, they must have been just right, but oh what a voice! I wonder if everyone got that. I wanted to stand for an ovation at the end. But everyone remained seated, so I did, too. That isn’t like me, is it? Today, I don’t even remember the name of the song. But thank you, Mr. Adkins! One can easily tell you love to sing. The concert was perfect. But we never made it to Arlington, or “…Fishin’. Next time, ok?


Wedding bells…no such thing anymore, I don’t think. But we attended a beautiful wedding of a long-time friend. My son and the groom grew up together. Where did the time go? I was pleased we were all counted as witnesses; and it was especially nice Matt could be a groomsmen.

Sold something for someone that takes a load off of me. Everyone happy all the way around.

I saw the first snake I have ever seen on our property in the 11 years we have been here. Yes, I screamed. Pretty sure it was just a little garter snake, but snakes call for screams, regardless. Oh and the grasshoppers this year!! And in June!!  NOT normal!! But neither has April, May, or June been normal. At least that which has been normal for the last 30 years, or so….Maybe we are having an old-fashioned spring and summer. This is what it felt like when I was a kid...

I do continue to write my "political" blog; and I have tried to keep up with the news. I comment on Facebook more often than I should, I suppose. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind who is set in their ways. But I do hope I can influence someone who is on the fence. That's what we used to do as citizens. It was called "public discourse". And it encouraged thought, knowledge and conversation. Seems like I am only making enemies. I don't understand that.  I can easily separate someone who disagrees with me and hold no hard feelings. I even have friends that are Democrats!  ;-) Not everyone can do that, I guess. That is what surprises me. Just another way of keeping us all silent, I guess. Shhhhhhh, don't offend anyone! I really don't understand the silence. I don't think it is time to sit down and be quiet yet.

My menagerie is beginning to feel a bit like the “funny farm”. These animals are definitely keeping me busy. Bullet won’t let me sleep past sunrise. The moment the morning light comes through that window, he is by my side whining and pawing at me until I get up to let him out for potty and then back in for feed. Bella, at 13, still jumps around like a pup and like I am the most important thing in her life. (I am.) Navajo continues to heal (I think); but with a minor set-back now and then. Funny how she wants me most when she doesn’t feel good. Finally figured out Juliee does the same thing. As I went out to feed her, she followed me around like a little lost puppy dog…she bumped me and when I stopped, she buried her head into me and stood quietly. I looked down because of the behavior that was so different for her. She had a chunk out of her hoof…and it was hurting her just a bit. This dry, old spring and summer is drying out my horses hooves, even though I do let the water trough run over to add some moisture to the ground. We will see Jake tonight. I just want to be sure it’s all ok. Juliee counts on me to do it right…and I love her.

TOBI!! You funny, "high maintenance women" you!! I got the best laugh when after feeding her one evening, and I had moved on to tending to Navajo in another pasture…(ok, it was my yard – I have been letting her in my yard so that she will have enough tender grass due to her choking issues.) But I digress. As I was tending to Navajo, Tobi suddenly realized Navajo was getting special attention. She realized Navajo may have even been getting some special food that she was not getting. She looked up from what she was eating, turned her head our way with a piece of hay hanging from her mouth and looked at me in total shock. If she could speak, I am sure she would have said “HMMMMMM???” It is certainly what her expression said. I laughed at her – right out loud! And then I laughed again. It was so comical.

The sun beat hot on my leg. The window was rolled down simply to experience summer. I was in the diesel, so I could have used the AC if I had wanted. As I sat at yet another red light, the heat on my leg reminded me of a sensation I haven’t experienced in a long, long time. The days of my youth. One of the most important things I enjoyed for relaxation, when I was young, was a day at the beach. My most critical concern was how was I going to get the Coppertone on my back and could I keep the greasiness of it off the book I was reading. The sand was hot, the water cool, the waves lapping and a gentle breeze blowing. The smell of Coconut Oil was in the air, and I loved the sun beating down hot, turning my body red. Yeah, I was always red before I was tan. (I’m Norwegian, you know) And there isn’t a better feeling in the world then the tight skin, and burning sensation, I felt when I had had just enough sun. Not too much so that it was painful, just enough to know I had had some sun.

A special memory for me is when one day, I told my folks I was going to the "Dyke Road". I had mentioned to them earlier, that I sure wished I had a Blue Ox burger from Paul Bunyan. A couple of hours later, there was my folks walking down towards the water with a white bag in my mom's hand. They had brought me a Blue Ox burger and fries! I didn't tell them I had stopped and picked one up myself which I had already eaten. But I didn't fool my mom ; she saw everything when I tried to hide the other white bag (which was now empty) under my beach blanket. Neither of us said a word. And I ate my second Blue Ox, stuffed to the gills. I treasure the memory of my folks doing that for me.

I know I shouldn’t live in the past, and I don’t usually; but I do like my memories every now and then.

As I sat there at that red light, with the sun beating down on my leg, in that moment, if I could have gone back in time, I would have. But the light turned green, and I moved on. However, that hot burning sensation I felt was a great reminder for me to slow down and enjoy the simple moments just a bit more…after all, I know what Trace knows…You’re Gonna Miss This.


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