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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kissing Who?

There has been a photo that has been showing up on Facebook for the last few days. It has been "liked" and "shared" by multiple "friends". The first time I saw it, I cringed. Clearly, it exposed a leftist message cloaked in the garment of Christianity.

So this photo kept showing up, and showing up and showing up. Christians kept “liking” it, promoting its message. I continued to cringe. “Why can’t people see the real message here?” I pondered.

Not entirely Scriptural
And me, being who I am, of course had to go research the source.  I wasn't at all surprised with what I found. It comes from a page called Kissing Fish. His profile pic, is a picture of a Jesus fish, kissing a Darwin fish. Oi!!!  The pages says they are “progressive Christianity”. Now, I have researched “progressive Christianity” in the past.  Simply put, they ignore the parts of the Bible they don’t like, and pick up the ones that seem to fit the social agenda of the world, that they do like. Below is a snippet from their page listed under “RULES OF THIS PAGE” and apparently their claim to fame. (I have left their spelling and punctuation errors exactly as written.)
This Facebook page is the fan-page for the book "Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don't like christianity." As such, it's a forum to promote and discuss progressive Christianity. It's also a Safe Space and a Haven for people who are wary about Christianity and who have been burned by conservative evangelical and/or fundamentalist forms of the faith. I am the “shepherd” of this flock and I seek to be protective in a reasonable way.
I do allow conservatives and fundamentalists - and militant/evangelical atheists to visit this page and to post comments on it -- to an extent. I remove posts that are outright seeking to convert people to either fundamentalism or atheism. I remove posts that tell progressive Christians that we're "back-slidding sinners, false teachers, wolves in sheep's clothing" or that we're "going to hell." I remove posts that bash homosexuals or condemn homosexuality. I also remove posts that mock people of faith for having faith.
Also, if a post or comment is over 50% quoting scripture without original thought or commentary, or if a comment contains vulgarity/swearing, or LOTS OF SHOUTING, or if a post is one very long block of text without any use Of paragraph breaks (hard returns),….
Whatever! I hope you can read between the lines here. He corrects everyone who might oppose his thoughts, right from the get-go. So rest assured, "fundamentalists" understand fully anything we post will be deleted. Most in the "fundamentalist" group, therefore, will probably not bother to share their thoughts. But how nice of him to allow conservative fundamentalists to post something as long as they stay within his rules. And hmmmm, I wonder if I should be concerned he links and thereby compares us to "militant /evangelical atheists"? Oh, and apparently the "F" word is ok on his page, ( I saw it there) but not content that contains more than 50% Scripture.  Go figure.

But let me get back to the issue that originally brought me here. The photo above states that there should be no fence to keep aliens out. Welcome them, make the table bigger!  Let them come. What the message ignores, is the same message that the left ignores - the Rule of Law!  We have laws regarding coming into our country…exactly like every nation in the world has immigration policy governed by their laws. What are we going to do? Only obey the laws we like and ignore the rest? (Oh what do you know?!  Kind of like "progressive Christianity" does with the Bible verses they like and the ones they don’t) Why have laws at all then, if we only follow them when we want to; when it is expedient for our agenda? And where does the Bible say, "Just follow the verses you like."?

I guess what bothers me most, is Christians that should know better, (those same conservative fundamentalists that he attacks) are promoting this progressive agenda, when they spread this photo around without thinking. It sounds so holy. It sounds so right. Jesus would just accept them all!! But that simply isn’t the full Gospel. The Bible also tells us we are to obey the laws of the land - those laws, that in our nation actually govern us according to Scripture, because that is from what and where our Rule of Law is based. The message in this photo ignores that. Jesus also tells us that the poor will always be among us. But that there is something more important than poverty; and that is the poverty of their souls. Bring that message! You will never feed them all. Still, I understand and agree we are to try for those that are placed in our path. But we simply cannot let our nation be destroyed by those who refuse to follow our Rule of Law. If our nation fails and crumbles - and it will, unless we deal with this illegal immigration problem correctly - who then will feed the poor and lost people? Who then will bring that all-important Gospel message? Who?

We need to be careful with what we willingly or unwittingly share. Because we are influencing someone, whether we like to admit it or not. Truth is, that's the whole purpose of sharing, isn't it? And oh how "progressive Christianity" loves to bash all things political! "We should not be involved in politics", they love to say. But when something is labeled "progressive", it's progressive i.e. liberal/left, whether they attempt to add "Christianity" to the label or not. It's still political - that awful, dirty word that they love to hate. It is merely the politics of the other side.
God made us a nation of laws for a reason. We don’t get to pick and choose which laws we want to obey and throw out the rest. That would lead to anarchy. Neither do we get to pick which Bible verses we like and ignore the ones that we don’t like. Truth is, that isn’t Christianity at all…no matter who you decide to kiss.

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