"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Saturday, March 5, 2016

That's the Good Stuff.

Bathroom; let Bullet out; let Bella in; feed buddies; open drapes; make coffee; feed horses…smell the rain; pause to listen to the meadowlarks. So goes my morning.

Interruptive text – “I have a package on my porch.”
“OK...just feeding the horses.”
“Is it raining?”
“I will go get it.”

So. I go get my keys and start my car from the front door. :-) I fill my travel mug with the freshly brewed coffee and off I go...jammies, robe and slippers. :-) I love where I live!!!
Kenny Chesney comes on the radio: “That's The Good Stuff”. I turn on my electric seats; put on my gloves to save myself from the cold steering wheel and off I go. I travel no more than a half a mile, when I see the TL ambulance leaving a home, full code. I pull over and for whatever reason, I start to cry…then I pray for both the patient and the men in charge. I know them and the patient is in good hands. I love where I live.
I drop a text of my own. “Here comes TL bus on R. Code.” After they pass, I pull back out onto the road.
I love it here.                            
The rain is coming down hard. Just a bit further down the road, I see a neighbor out on his tractor, spreading his pasture. I know him. It’s raining, it’s early; it’s Saturday. You get the job done, when you can. I LOVE where I live. I belong here. That’s the good stuff.

Finishing text" "Package is ok; they put it under the eve...only wet on one side." :-)
Job complete; I take a look around, thankful that no one can see me in my jammies. But then as a second thought, I realize it would be ok if someone did. This is home. If it were sunny, I would sit down on the deck and finish my coffee. Instead off I go.
When I am just about to turn the corner on my own street, a car comes barreling down the road, turns the corner without stopping and almost hits me. They didn’t even know I was there until the last minute. Seems there always has to be one. One to remind you this isn’t perfection. No perfect people, no perfect neighborhoods. UGH! I know exactly who that is, too.
I turn onto the road where I live, muttering under my breath about the neighbor that moved in who I wish never had. Guess I should pray for him, too. I’ll work on that.
Then a big, blue pickup slowly turns the corner, moving over a bit to give me space on the narrow road. I smile from my heart. I LOVE this guy!! But just for today, I hope he doesn’t stop me to talk like he usually would…jammies, ya know.
He gives me a big wave and smile. I wave and smile back with a big fat sigh. That’s the good stuff…and the muttering mellows. OK, I will pray for the nuisance neighbor. Gosh, I love where I live.


  More of "The Good Stuff" ...glad it was playing on my car radio today.

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