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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Irishman and the Norwegian

The age-old battle between the Irishman and the Norwegian continues to rage; at least in our family. But it is all in fun. My husband is Irish, and my mom is Norwegian. They have enjoyed harassing each other ever since my husband and I married. My mom enjoys it as much as he does, and she can dish it right back. It gives us all a good laugh. I especially enjoy it because I am of both descents; my dad also has Irish blood.

This past month, we have been able to honor both nationalities with a celebratory dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed both.

We were finally able to take my folks to the Norwegian dinner that is put on in our area every year. I have promised I would take my mom to this dinner for years. It finally worked out so that we could all go. The Sons of Norway put on this feast and it consists of lutefisk, boiled potatoes, carrots, beets and of course lefsa.

We all had a great time, but of course no one enjoyed it more than my mom who is so proud of her heritage. The other one whose joy was apparent was my husband. He was lucky enough to sit next to a couple who also had Norwegian and Irish heritage. The man was Norwegian and his wife, Irish. My husband had someone to share all his jokes and stories with. He told many on my mom. Good thing for him that she was at the other end of the table where she couldn't hear. He was in "7th heaven" as they say.

I actually enjoyed the lutefisk this time. I have never been able to eat it before. But I was determined this time. I smothered it in melted butter and dug in. I was pleasantly surprised. It simply tasted like cod. Very non-fishy, and I realized in the past it was mostly the texture I couldn't endure. But this time it was a little more solid than I remember in the past and much easier "to stomach." Maybe, I finally just grew up.
Norwegian Flag
Around the middle of March, we had my folks out to our home for our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner. I don't know how long we have done this, but I am sure for almost as long as my husband and I have been married. He IS Irish, after all.
We always have the traditional corned beef and cabbage, and I try to make things very festive with GREEN sides, and Irish décor. The Irish/Norwegian jokes continue at this dinner, as well.
                                                             This year, I made a Jello dish that my mom used to make when we were kids. I used green Jello of course. Mine was not as pretty as hers, as she always used to use her fanciest goblets when making this. It was always such a treat. I don't know if the Jello was what caused our excitement as kids as much as it was the beautiful goblets. I probably enjoyed this more than anyone else did this year. I love traditions. I cherish memories.
My dad loves to eat and he was very satisfied with his Irish meal. His compliments were heartwarming. He mostly ignored the Irish/Norwegian banter.

This month somehow we were also able to fit in a truly American meal. There is nothing more American than Texas Roadhouse, is there?
Regardless, meal time is always a great time where we love to get together and break bread, no matter from where it comes! May the feud long continue!!

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