"Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." ~ Noah Webster

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In Sequence

Summer is finally coming to an end. I almost always like to comment on how the summer went for me and how I am feeling moving into fall.  Well I guess this year is no different.

I don't think I have ever had a busier season in my life - ever! Busy. Eventful. Frightening. Joyful. Exhausting. Substantial. All of that and more.

I guess I should start at the beginning...or I could start with the most emotional challenge. Maybe the most heartbreaking...I don't know. If I do that, I will have to choose. So it makes the most sense to write sequentially, as much as I am able.

The new roof! Yes! Such a relief. We had a new roof put on due to last year's windstorm in November. I tried at that time to get a roofer out here, to no avail. They were all so busy that I couldn't even get one out here for an estimate. I jumped on it this spring, though, and we were finally able to get it done. I still look at our new roof from the pasture and feel such a sense of relief. So very thankful!!

The barns! We were able to finally build our long hoped for barn. But not only that, we were able to build one for our son as well. It was such a fun project and we were extremely happy with the contractor who built them for us. Matt chose traditional red, and we chose beige and forest green to match our home and other out buildings. My husband has finished up the stalls and is currently working on the tack room! I can't wait to have my tack stored away in a dust free, hay free room. No more sharing the tack with the hay!

Sold my folks home!! Huge endeavor! No more running at a moment's notice to last minute showings, and going early to clean to make it as presentable as possible! So thankful!! There is no way I have been allowed to miss this home. I am too relieved it is gone. Perhaps a list of the jobs I no longer have to do will come forthwith...or in another post. If I think about that it helps me be thankful. I think of all the work that I no longer have to worry about and it is a relief. I don't believe I will EVER miss it. Feeling a bit deprived of being able to miss my childhood home in that regard.

Moved my folks from 60 years of life, downsizing to something more manageable for them. SO VERY THANKFUL. And really, though there are trying moments, their new home is really quite perfect for them. Of everything I have gone through of late, this job was the most overwhelming. OVERWHELMING, indeed. I actually don't know how we got it done. God's grace and God alone. I feel a book in me coming about the challenges, the heartbreak, the do's, the don'ts. The joy, if any, and the sorrow; family; material possessions; working together; and not working at all. It took some serious recouping from this one. If there has been any recouping yet at all.

BUT! We got it done! With a couple weeks to spare to help our folks adjust and get used to things in their new environment before my total hip replacement.

Surgery! Pull the wisdom teeth first. That was necessary to prevent the possibility of infection. I was supposed to do that in my 20's. Chickened out until 4 decades later. It went well. In fact, I was able to orchestrate and work at the folks' garage sale the next day. Still don't know how I did that.

Did I say "Surgery!"? So very scary. So very interesting. So very effective. I am glad I did it. No regrets. I have a bionic hip. I had wonderful help at home; and I had great home physical therapy. Then I had some very good outside physical therapy. I am almost as good as new and far better than I have been for almost 2 years. I could write a blog post about this, too. But I guess I will spare you.
Baby Girl

Sorrow...deep, deep sorrow in the loss of my best friend. My beautiful, Belle Amore! Yes, I know that is redundant. Think of it this way: my beautiful, beautiful love. The one I have always believed is the one (human or otherwise) who loves me most. And yes, she did! She wanted me no matter what. She was never, ever once mad at me. She never judged me, she never criticized me; she never rolled her eyes at me. She only gave me love. Yeah, she was a dog. So what?? She was my joy, she was my comfort. She was what always got me through. My beautiful, beautiful Belle Amore.

Almost lost my daddy...that wasn't easy. That was incredibly frightening. But it ended in a miracle. Daddy was here for...

The wedding!!!

Oh my goodness!! My son got married. Eventful to say the least. Emotional. Head spinning. What life is all about. Moving through life with the very best.

Magical showers; fun rehearsals; stressful rehearsal dinners. Friends and family connected to give us their best. The dance I have been waiting for since my son was two. Missing some; grateful for others. A daughter! And a son!

My Wish
My husband is home. Dodging bullets. We are getting good at that. We could have lost him too. But God is with us. Always with us.

Eventful, stressful - the best and worst of summer. I didn't even notice the season or what is normal for it for the first time in my life. Everything I have written about was all peripheral though, in regard to what must keep my focus. I am tired. But I am grateful because I also know how it could be.

And the good news is! I have been reading again. That feels good. And it feels really great to write a bit. Slowing down. Looking toward the future? Maybe.

Need to breathe. Need to not focus. I want to rest. I want to read and write and think about me. Selfish? Whatever. I am ready to settle into fall. If I am able to at all.