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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning at Our House

I'm the first one up as is usual.  Make the coffee, morning reading, turn on the computer and feed the animals while the computer loads. Yep, the computer is a bit slow and it does take that long to load. So anyway, there you have my morning "ritual".  Oh yeah, the morning newspaper is in there somewhere, as well, while I enjoy my coffee. My mornings are generally pretty peaceful.

The animals seem a bit confused this morning, though.  Tiger, the tabby cat, is sitting up on the gate of the fence and when he sees me at the kitchen window, he jumps down into the front yard.  What are you nuts, Tiger?  Bella is out there somewhere and I'm about to let Bullet out. They will share you as an appetizer. Seems like everyone is extra hungry this morning.

Skeeter is impatient this morning, too, because he thinks I am late.  He doesn't know about Daylight Savings Time and Falling Back.  To him, I am just waaaaayyy toooooo late; and he's mad. I try not to feed him when he is behaving too badly, because I don't want him to think that is ok.  But this morning, I am as anxious as he is to "get 'er done."  He is not nearly as much fun to feed as Lady.  I can't just love him and be myself as I did with Lady, I have to use tricks on Skeeter.  He's a bit of a bad boy, now and then.  For discipline, I force him to back up - which he hates - because it takes him out of control. But when I used this on one occasion, he got me instead because I wasn't properly prepared.  I hadn't taken the time to dress appropriately; I went out in my sweats (ok, it was my jammies) and slippers.  Yeah, shouldn't have done that.  He won that time.  But, I eventually got the better of him.  He follows me to the barn every morning, so I strategically put his grain bucket in a location where he has to back up for me in order for him to get to it. Ha, I still chuckle over that one.

Anyway, after feeding the animals, I always check my email to see if there is any news to start my day. All of a sudden Bullet is barking like he is "on hunt" or something.  But he isn't going toward the front door as is normal when something sets him to barking.  He is looking south out the living room window and going a little nuts.  Out the window I see two big dogs in the pasture: a rottweiler and a golden lab.  I'm not familiar with these two. Neither is our lab, Bella and she has property to protect. The two strangers don't back away but start running toward her.  Just as I am looking for shoes (or slippers) to run out and save Bella from what looks like a fight in-waiting, I see Skeeter run from his barn straight at those two troublesome canines. The two dogs don't even try to challenge Skeeter with a nip to the feet or anything else.  They just high-tail it out of here and neither of the dogs (nor Skeeter) stop until they get to the end of the pasture.

It was sooooo funny!  It was almost like Skeeter was herding them; he would get on the tail of one dog and then the other.  But he was serious. He knew those dogs didn't belong here.  I roared with laughter.  Bet those two won't be messin' with my bad boy again.

Phewwww; fun.  Good start to the day. Good start to the week.


  1. That is so funny, amazing...wish I could have seen that!! Great story sis!!! Ya gotta get the camera out if that ever happens again!!;-)

  2. Ha ha...Yes, there is never ending entertainment with our "Watch Horse". Yesterday, he woke both Matt and I EARLY! Nay Nay Naying....I was worried he might be in distress, because I knew it had snowed heavily during the night; so I jumped up and went out to see...He was running up and down the fence line calling to his "friends" (the neighbor's horses) to come out and play!

    He has made me understand why people have "Pasture Ornaments" (he is so much fun to watch) though I promise he won't become one! ;-)