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Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Just a Little Thing

Yeah, I guess I enjoy Facebook. Sometimes I wonder why. I mean one especially has to wonder why anyone who is on dial-up would even bother. It can be such a huge pain!

But I like keeping up with my friends this way, and it is an easy way to view photos. I have friends that I barely know, and friends that I really know. There have also been friends that I have found again through Facebook with whom I had previously lost contact; and that is the biggest asset of all.

Granted, there are some things that are really annoying about this social networking thing. Maybe some friends post things that one would rather not see. Maybe there are some facets of it that really wastes ones time. And then there is the little spam issues, and most of all one has to be careful of viruses. Ugh! But yeah, I do it anyway.

The other day, I received a notice in my email inbox that stated I had a post on Facebook from one of my friends. It gave me a link to click on so I could comment on the post. It wasn’t a very nice notice, but I laughed. I knew without a doubt it was not really from my friend. I knew it was spam, or a virus, and something I should not click. In an odd way though, I found it kind of refreshing that this even happened. It caused me to think about this particular friend and I simply knew my friend would never do that to me. He would never say those things; he would never embarrass me publicly like that, and he would in fact never even think those things. It warmed my heart that I could trust my friend. It made me feel good that I had a friend that I knew well enough that I knew he would never be so thoughtless. I was correct. When I went to Facebook just a short time later, the post was not there. Now had he been hacked, or if it had been spam, he would still have the ability to remove the post, even if he was not the one that placed it there, and that is what I believe happened. This friend cared enough, to not even let it remain there to be seen, but rather removed it as quickly as possible. He also cared enough to later mention it to other friends of his that also may have received it, so all would know it was in fact not from him.

I know this is a little thing, but I really like that there are those in my life that can be trusted; to know they would not intentionally hurt me. That just by judging the action or the situation, one can absolutely know it isn’t the kind of person ones friend is, nor is it the type of behavior this person would do. I have a few friends like that. I know how each will respond to any given situation. I just know.

I like that. I know; it’s just a little thing…but it’s really, really important to me.

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