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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Something Soft

Well, my favorite month is here and more than half way gone.  February my favorie month?  Well not really, I guess.  It is kind of my favorite month like December 22nd is my favorite day. It only signals the day that I am most anxious to see get here. I like December 22nd because from that day forward, I know the days will be getting longer.

So, it's the same thing with February.  It is the shortest month, and once it is here and over, I know the worst of winter is behind us.  Not that I hate winter, mind you...I love it up to a point. It's just that we reach that point about December 31st.  ;-)

The other thing about February is that it is typically a month with lots of sunshine...for a winter month, anyway.  I tell people that and they look at me like I'm nuts.  But it's true.  Start watching the month of February from now on and you will see it is almost always the winter month with the most sunshiny days.

This February, without a doubt, we have had a spring teaser.  We have had some very nice days, and warmer than usual temperatures.  Spring has definately been in the air.  I like the way my sister described it.  She said the days were "soft".  I hadn't heard that espression before, but I really liked it; it fit so well. It is exactly what the feeling is.  Soft and easy; the exact opposite of harsh; no biting, no chill, easy to breathe; easy to move; simply soft to the skin; soft to the touch; soft. 

The days are getting longer.  It's light when I get up now. It's lighter when I feed the horses. Driving is easier. The sunsets have been incredible. There is something different in the air.

No crocuses yet, though. No birds  - at least not here in my yard. No green grass yet, but the snow is slowly melting. I like it. It's hopeful. It's spring just around the corner. It's easy. It's soft. It's exactly what I have been waiting for - something soft.


  1. Now that you mention February being the sunshiny month....we HAVE had lots of sunshine recently...
    GORGEOUS sunset!!! Your house really is set in a great position for lovely views all around :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel! Yes! I love being able to see the sunsets and the sunrises...and everything in-between...lol