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Friday, November 1, 2013

Comfort Food Day

It’s a tomato soup day.  I almost woke up craving it. Definitely by the middle of the day, I knew I wanted some.

I searched the shelves….Oh man, I don’t think I have any. As I searched, I remembered the delicious tomato soup I made in my Vita-mix, last year!  I had forgotten all about it.  I wish I would have remembered to make some when I had all those tomatoes from my garden this summer. Instead, I canned them and made fresh salsa.  I guess I could use some of my canned tomatoes today to make some soup, but I just wanted something fast and easy. I wasn’t feeling well, and I kind of felt like the most I could muster was opening a can and putting it on the stove. 

I searched a bit more; and there at the very back corner of the kitchen cupboard was a lone can of tomato soup.  Awesome!  Yey!  It even has a flip top!  I didn’t even feel like messing with the can opener today, and I wouldn't have to!

Sometimes only tomato soup will satisfy; nothing else will do.  I was kind of having one of those days, today; so I was really glad when I found the can.

Wanting it so badly today, I found it bringing back memories of my youth.  Everyone has grilled cheese and tomato soup days, right?  Well, that was one of my favorite lunches when I was a kid…well even still!  But also as a kid, I liked just having the tomato soup all by itself. I would always add a dollop of butter when the soup was good and hot.  I loved how it melted the butter and it would lie in a ring around the top of my bowl or mug. YUM! 

Often, when I was a kid, I would add Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup to the Tomato.  It always frustrated my dad when I did this…I think he thought I was taking the noodles, adding it to the tomato, and then just leaving the chicken broth for anyone else that might have wanted the chicken noodle. And what do you know?  I guess I was! Now as an adult, I still like it that way and I still do that sometimes because I don’t have as many hungry mouths to feed.
Another thing I like to do with my tomato soup is butter a saltine cracker and then place it directly on the top of my bowl of soup to float there. I wait until the butter is nicely melted and then I scoop up the cracker with my spoon to enjoy.

Breaking up the cracker and crumbling it over the top of my bowl? No, Yucky!  I have never liked that.

One more thing that I liked to do with my tomato soup when I was little, is take a piece of white bread and remove the crust.  I didn’t waste the crust, I dipped in the soup and butter and ate it that way.  But with the white part of the bread, I rolled it in my hands until it formed a nice firm ball.  I then placed it in the hot soup to saturate the bread with butter and soup. YUM!  Of course, I am much too refined…and uh...mature, to do that now.

Tomato Soup and Rolled Bread.
Sounds fancy, doesn't it?
Some days are just comfort food days…this is one.

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